Running a restaurant is by no means an easy job. The menu, the interiors, the ingredients, the staff, and the dining experience – everything needs to be near perfect all day long. Thankfully there are several intelligent tools and solutions that can take over the mechanical and laborious tasks of the job, and allow restaurateurs to focus on providing the best meals and experiences to their customers. Restaurant billing and management software solutions have quickly changed the way restaurants are being run. If you are also considering installing a Restaurant POS Software, make sure you go it has the following indispensable features:

Customisation and Flexibility

POS solutions with locked features and functionalities will serve no purpose in the dynamic and ever-changing F&B industry. Hence, restaurant POS systems solutions must offer managers and staff with flexible and customisable features to cater to customer demands. Changes in the menu, seating order, billing, order cancellation, order clubbing, differences between in-house orders and take-away, must all be taken into consideration while choosing a billing software solution for your restaurant. If your restaurant has more than one branches, the system must allow for remote access and management of separate systems as well.


Increasingly, billing and management software systems are being integrated with tablets and other hand-held devices in order to provide customers with the best service. As a matter of fact, lately, restaurants and cafes have started using permanent devices affixed to tables for the purpose of placing orders. This helps the staff to focus on customer experience and service more effectively. Portability is an important feature of Restaurant POS Software systems that allows restaurants to optimise their processes and operations.


Restaurant POS systems should be able to analyse all important data and information in order to offer insightful analytical reports to help you make the best strategic decisions. If restaurant owners and managers receive sales reports, popular menu items, inventory-synchronisation, rush-hour information etc. on a regular basis, they will be able to continually improve their services and offerings. Additionally, tracking and evaluating staff performance becomes automated as the POS system can instantly collate information on how many customers an employee served and what sort of feedback they received.

Integrated Loyalty Program

An intelligent Restaurant POS Software system, like Loyera, has integrated customer loyalty offerings as well. This is to ensure convenience from the customers and business perspective and manage loyalty through the same tool. With an in-sync loyalty program, restaurants can analyse individual taste and preferences of customers and offer them relevant rewards and discounts. Similarly, managing gift cards and coupons can also become a hassle-free experience when the same software takes care of both these business-critical functions.

Modern-day cloud-based loyalty solutions have helped the F&B industry become more efficient and customer-centric, thereby, allowing restaurateurs to offer an unmatched experience to their customers. If you have been on a lookout for reliable and feature-rich Restaurant POS Software, like Loyera, do get in touch with us to know more. Loyera offers integrated POS, Loyalty, and E-Commerce offerings to businesses of all sizes and industries.

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