Efficient organisation of workflow and business processes is indispensable to a dry cleaning business. Equipped with the right Dry Cleaner POS Software system, you can maximise your profits and growth effortlessly. An intelligent POS system will help you service your customers better and also improve compliance. If you are on a lookout for a suitable POS software solution for your dry cleaning store, make sure it has the following features:


The POS system needs to be simple and intuitive in order for employees and cashiers to use it with minimal training. The interface dashboard should enable a one-step access to all important features and provide the relevant functionality to optimise the workflow at your dry cleaning store. You don’t want your customers waiting in line to collect or deposit their orders as your staff fiddles with a layered or a complicated POS system to complete a single transaction. In addition to simple handling, the software solution must allow for a seamless transfer of shifts between employees and help monitor employee attendance and performance.

Reporting and Analytics

After a long and hectic day at your dry cleaning store, your POS system should be able to generate detailed analytics-based reports to help you understand your customers better. The number of orders, list of new customers, delayed deliveries, special requests, average spending of customers, employee performance, or just about any metric of your business – the POS software should be able to instantly calculate it for you. Furthermore, make sure that your POS system has a robust customer relationship management module to help you engage and manage your customers effectively.

Inventory Management

In the dry cleaning business, each order is at a unique stage from ‘just arrived’ to ‘ready for pickup’. While bar-coded labels and tags can help you identify individual pieces of clothing, your POS system should allow you to track, search, manage, and locate them in their cleaning journey. All of this needs to be done while admitting new clothes to the queue and clearing pick-ups orders. In such a scenario, a cloud-based Dry Cleaner POS Software system is ideal to maintain a secure log, provide real-time information, and even manage your inventory remotely.

Effective Labelling and Tagging

If there’s one business that cannot afford to erroneously label and tag order, it’s the dry cleaning business. Your tag and labels should clearly include the date of drop off, the type of cloth, the price, and the pick-up date. An ideal Dry Cleaner POS Software system must, thus, seamlessly integrate with a barcode scanner and printer to automate the printing of labels and tags and make the process more efficient. These receipts can also serve as a way to communicate all business-critical information regarding loyalty programs, locations, and contact information.

Choosing the right Dry Cleaner POS Software system is a critical business decision – so make sure you make the right call. Loyera is a hardware-independent and loyalty and e-commerce integrated POS software solution that can help your dry cleaning business grow leaps and bounds. Get in touch with us to know more about how you can benefit from Loyera.

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