The sheer number of features and tools on offer in a modern-day intelligent customer rewards software can be overwhelming for new users of loyalty software solutions. Business and store owners who have recently started using a customer loyalty software tool, pay close attention. Here are four easy ways for those who have just started using a loyalty program software solution:

Automating Email Promotions

Hitting the sweet spot with the right frequency of promotion and communication to your customers is essential. Once you have identified how many offers per week elicit the best response, automate your Loyalty Management Software to send engaging offers and content to your customers. Depending on your business, this number could be one email every day or one per week. This takes the pressure off of you, or your employees, to set up email promotions on a regular basis and automates a critical aspect of your marketing and engagement initiative.

Tagging and Segregating Customers

The best way to make the most of your loyalty program software is to create tags and categories for your customers based on parameters like their last visit, frequently purchased products, average billing size, the frequency of visit or points redemption. You can also further categorise these groups based on age, gender, occupation, and location. Once this critical step has been done, all your offers can be tailor-made for different types of customers. Depending on the product you want to popularize or want to put up on offer, you can send promotional information to those who are most likely to respond. This will not only make your marketing strategy more effective but also foster value and loyalty among recurring customers. 


Setting up a Referral Program

Designing and implementing a referral program might seem like an uphill task: decide the conditions and rewards, track referrals and referees, apply relevant offers, and give away joining bonus points. Thankfully, all of this is automated with intelligent Loyalty Management Software solutions. All you have to do is create a promo code to be applied by referrals and referees to be eligible for additional rewards and offers. Keeping a track of new customers and maintaining their contact information is also effortless. Most importantly, since the entire process is digital and cloud-based, like with Loyera, you can objectively measure the success of your referral and loyalty program, by analysing sign-ups and referrals.


Tracking Employee Performance

An effective way to simplify the usage of your customer loyalty software, like Loyera, is to set up employee profiles or accounts on the platform. This can help you keep a track of how many employees signed up new customers for the loyalty program, how many of them rewarded or redeemed loyalty points, and which employees billed the maximum number of customers. Top performers can be displayed on leaderboards and made eligible for incentives to motivate them. Last, but far from least, this will help you maintain a productive, efficient, and engaged team.

How have you simplified your Loyalty Management Software solution? What aspects of your business have become easier with a loyalty software tool? Get in touch with us and let us know!

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