Depending on whom you ask, email marketing is considered one of the best and worst tools for marketing. However, if used intelligently and carefully, email marketing can really help make Customer Loyalty Programs more effective and engaging.

Here are a few ways in which you can use email marketing to boost your customer rewards program:

Target Customer Groups

Email marketing allows for a direct and effective way to reach customer groups. All you have to ensure that the offers and discounts you roll out are relevant for the audience. Based on demographics, shopping behaviour, taste, and product preference, you can design strategies that are likely to be more successful. Furthermore, the response that different groups provide will help you identify high-priority customers.

Personalize Offers (And Communication)

Emails can also be used to send personalized offers to individuals and interact with them on a deeper level. For instance, in addition to sending them a birthday greeting email, you can also reward them double or triple the reward points for any purchase made during their birthday week or month. Similarly, you may run marketing campaigns on special events and festivals, and even send a periodic communication to customers regarding their shopping and rewards – more on that later.

Re-Engage Inactive Customers

With an inventive and catchy email subject, you might just be able to turn an inactive customer into a loyal shopper again. Give them an incentive to shop with you again (a flat X% discount on their next order or bonus reward points) or remind them of the validity of the points already collected. Woo them with a new product, or simply offer them an irresistible discount on their favourite product – there are several ways to get to old and inactive customers to re-engage. Read more about re-engaging inactive customers here


Make Feedback Valuable

One of the greatest things about emails is that it provides a dynamic platform which can not only be used to send information but also receive it back; case in point – feedback. If you wish to gather some insight and opinions on how customers are finding your products and services, send across an email with an interactive questionnaire seeking feedback. However, remember to ask simple questions and keep them as objective as possible. Be sure to reward respondents with a special freebie or an offer.

Keep Loyal Customers in the Know

Periodic emails that inform customers regarding their point balance, new rewards, bonus points, special campaigns, points redeemed, and their recent activity is a great way to not only establish trust but also frequently engage with loyal customers. Additionally, updates on new products, member-only offers, local events, press coverage, and any changes in the rules of the customer loyalty program will really go a long way in promoting transparency.

With a little bit of creativity and agility, email marketing can be used as a leading strategy to ensure that a customer rewards program continues to engage loyal customers. How else can email marketing be used to make customer loyalty programs successful? Get in touch and let us know!

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