Loyera is a free loyalty program that is especially designed to help retail businesses all around the world to retain their existing customers and acquire new ones. The highlight of this software is that it can run on any device, helping businesses save enormous amount of money on buying dedicated hardware to run their loyalty program.

Additionally, you can store all the data on the cloud and run the software even in the absence of a reliable internet connection. Irrespective of the industry you are in, the advanced features of Loyera are made to meet the loyalty requirements of every business there is. 

Setting up the program is extremely simple and can be managed even if you are not technically very strong. We have come up with a guide that will help you sign up with this program, within minutes of registering. Have a look:

Sign up – Tell us About Yourself

Choose a plan that suits your business requirements the best by reviewing it on the “Pricing” page. As soon as you pick a plan, you can sign up by filling in your name and the phone number where you want to receive all the updates on. This process will be completed as soon as you secure your account with a strong password.

Select Software – Choose from the Loyera Suit

Loyera has three software that you can choose from, to streamline your in-store sales, online sales and your loyalty program. By going with suit, you can manage your sales with our Point of Sales software and E-commerce website that will be in sync with your POS and Loyalty. You can choose the suit or go for the Loyalty software only.

Classification – Select from Business Categories

We serve a total of 37 categories including Fashion, Clothing, Restaurant, Café, Night Club & Bar, Hotels, Grocery Stores and more. If you don’t fit in any of the categories, you can put in your request and we will customize a category based on your business. Simply select a category that you fall in and move on to the next step.

Brand – Set your Business Name

The next screen will ask you to fill in your business details. This will include the name of your business and the web address (URL link of your website). You can select the country where your business is based which will automatically set your currency. You can change these details in the settings option later on.

Final Set up – Start your Retail Success with Loyera

A final step to setting up your account on Loyera involves adding the branch details which will include details of your address and contact details. If you only have a single branch as a part of your business model, you can operate Loyera without paying anything. However, businesses with more than one branch will be required to sign up for a paid package. This is further categorized by paying per branch or signing up for an enterprise package. In this step, you can add your products too.

If you have managed to read the entire blog, you will probably realize that setting up Loyera’s Loyalty Software is awfully effortless. All you need to do is keep filling in details as the software guides you through the entire process. This program has been especially built to simplify loyalty for businesses of all levels by streamlining loyalty with sales and decreasing the dependency on dedicated hardware. Enjoy enhanced security with Loyera cloud-based loyalty program. For more query, get in touch with us today!

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