A Loyalty Program for all Businesses

With Loyera, your business stands to gain from several practical and smart features. Some of them are:

Mobile Apps

Loyera provides business merchants and their customers with individual cloud-based mobile applications. Merchants can manage the loyalty program remotely and can access data on sales, rewards, and discounts from anywhere in the world. The Loyera Member app provides your customers with a smooth and immersive shopping experience by integrating their purchases and rewards on a single platform.
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Seamless Integration

Loyera integrates seamlessly with your business to facilitate hassle-free management of your customer loyalty program. By incorporating Loyera with your PoS terminals, you can easily identify popular products, calculate the average billing size, assess the frequency of customer visit, keep an eye on employee activity and do so much more! read more

Marketing Support

By assisting you in crafting personalized marketing campaigns for your loyal customers, Loyera ensures maximum customer engagement. With features like push notifications, location-based discounts, and customized e-mail alters to increase the impact of your marketing activities, Loyera helps your business grow, retain customers and also attract new ones. read more

Analytics Support

Making sense of hordes of customer information and data is simplified with Loyera’s inbuilt, sophisticated and intelligent data analytics tools. By crunching big numbers, analyzing customer preferences, and predicting customer behavior, Loyera helps you learn new insights about your own business! You can now make strategic business decisions and create marketing campaigns based on insights from customer data.read more

Inclusive Pricing

Loyera has something for everyone! Small business owners can enjoy the benefits of Loyera absolutely free of cost! Loyera also provides white-label loyalty services to retailers and merchants, wherein you can integrate your business name and logo with the software. Rest assured, Loyera offers the most competitive prices in the industry.

Enhanced Security

At Loyera, we understand customer information and business data is sensitive and we go all out to ensure that it remains protected. Furthermore, to restrict fraudulent transactions, every employee has a unique username and password which is used to grant and redeem points, thus, making every activity safe and secure. read more

Cloud Based Management

You can keep a track of sales, customer information, discounts, and whatnot from just about anywhere in the world with Loyera. Since the entire platform is based on the cloud, data management, and remote access is hassle-free.

Smart Employee Tracking

With enhanced security features, Loyera helps you keep a tab on your employee activity as well. You can easily identify which employees are making the most sales, redeeming the most points and getting more customers to join your loyalty program.


Data-Driven Insights

Loyera helps you make sense customer behaviour and reach out to them with customized messaging and offers. We also help you make the most of your social media connections and help you promote your loyalty program effortlessly.

Location-Based Targeting

You can attract potential customers in your neighbourhood by offering special deals and discounts. By doing so, you appear on the radar of all Loyera Members in your area and thus, are likely to attract and retain more customers.

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