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Loyera is an intuitive, efficient and easy customer loyalty management software that helps you to build and manage a community of loyal customers. Loyera supercharges your business by helping you manage returning customers, attract new ones and track every purchase and reward through your loyalty program.

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Loyalty programs have been proven to help businesses grow rapidly. Loyera assists businesses in managing customer loyalty smartly and efficiently. The Loyera Business app is an intuitive, efficient and powerful tool that empowers your business with cutting-edge technology and helps you manage customer loyalty dynamically. The free and dedicated Loyera Member app for your customers provides them with a seamless shopping and rewards redemption experience. For small businesses, Loyera is absolutely free of cost, and you don’t have to spend a single dime to start your loyalty network on Loyera.

Loyera gives you a strategic edge by helping you leverage data to its maximum potential. With Loyera’s robust technical and analytical support, you can effortlessly cultivate a true sense of loyalty amongst your regular customers and acquire new ones.

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