It is obvious that any Loyalty Software can help you retain customers and manage loyalty. But loyalty solutions do a lot more than engaging returning customers. Today’s loyalty management software come with a variety of features that offer businesses and merchants a host of other advantages as well. Let’s take a look at some of these additional advantages:


New Customers

That’s right! An intelligent customer loyalty software will help you attract new customers in addition to retaining recurring ones. By offering location-based discounts and having attractive referral mechanisms, almost every loyalty rewards software is equipped with the right tools to expand the network of your loyal customers. Loyalty solutions keep a record of word-of-mouth publicity through referrals and thus, make it beneficial for existing customers to get new ones onboard. More loyal customers translate into more business. Hence, using a loyalty management software helps in increasing customer footfall in more than one ways.

Remote Management

Remote access and management of the customer loyalty program is possible as most loyalty solutions available today are cloud-based. You can thus, offer promotional discounts, increase the number of reward points on offer, check enrolment numbers or look at sales records from wherever you are. This gives you the freedom to not be physically present at your business store at all times in order to manage your customer loyalty rewards program. Businesses and employers can also keep a check on employee performance remotely and view how many new customers they have enrolled in the loyalty program.

Real-Time Business Insights

Since points are awarded and redeemed in real-time, you can check sales, popular products, average bill size, the frequency of customer visit, and a lot more – just as it is happening. Imagine your Loyalty Software as a know-it-all magic mirror that has the answer to just about any business question you have. It doesn’t matter if you want to know which product is selling like hot cakes or which is the busiest time of the day. Your loyalty management software can help you identify critical business insights and help you make sound business decisions.

Customer Network Building

As mentioned repeatedly, customer loyalty solutions like Loyera are not just about rewarding your customers with discounts. The social and sentimental aspect of a loyalty program is as important as the monetary aspect, and the focus is on building a community of like-minded individuals with similar tastes and preferences. Businesses have another upside to building this community as they can plan events, programs, and products around the same and associate their brand with a social message of their choosing.

And we’re just getting started! An intelligent Loyalty Software like Loyera can help you build a loyal base of returning customers and take your business to new heights. Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit greatly from a dedicated customer loyalty program, and investing in a dynamic, web-based loyalty solution can really help you simplify the execution of the same. One thing is for sure, with the advent of technology and new-age communication platforms, businesses are evolving to give their customers a personalized, unique and smooth shopping experience. Don’t miss out on the ride and become future-ready with Loyera today!

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