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Loyalty Program for Airlines

In the travel and hospitality industry, there is a consistent effort to elevate customer satisfaction. Being a preferred choice for regular customers not only gives airlines business stability but also contributes to positive word-of-mouth publicity. The success story of most airlines is based on customer experience, and a customer should, therefore, take back with him an experience that cements a permanent association with your business. Retaining existing flyers is as crucial as attracting new ones. A loyalty program for airlines helps businesses understand the ever-changing needs of customers and achieve stability in an otherwise dynamic and volatile industry.

The tough competition in the aviation industry makes it difficult to retain the existing customers. For over half a decade, airlines have been rewarding their customers free ‘miles’ which can be aggregated and exchanged for discounts, privileges, and free tickets. A customer rewards program for airlines can help businesses build a stable and regular set of customers. Customizing the loyalty program to reward the customers and improve their experience will keep them coming back in the future as well. A regular flyer contributes to direct business growth and is also likely to refer his or her acquaintances to fly with your airlines as well. Rewarding regular flyers every time they fly with you will ensure that every time they plan a travel, they plan it with you.

Encourage Your Customers

If you are mapping a strategy that helps your airline achieve explosive and sustainable business growth, you’re at the right place.   A loyalty software solution will broaden your reach, make your communication more effective, and encourage fliers to fly with your frequently. Here is how to go about designing a loyalty program:

  1. Map out a frequent flyer program for your customers that is available to them for free or a marginal fee.
  2. Extend reward points every time they fly with you.
  3. You can divide the program into segments or levels like diamond, platinum, and gold and encourage flyers to aim for the next level.
  4. Make sure your regularly communicate offers and discounts to your customers. Send them promotions through emails and text messages.

A passenger that flies with your airlines once should want to do so again. Loyera is a unique loyalty solution for airlines that will help you communicate with regular flyers directly and instantly. You can also track customer activity and offer them personalzied deals to ensure that have a hard time saying no.

Benefits to Your Business and Your Customers

A dedicated loyalty software is essential for a seamless management and execution of the customer loyalty rewards program. Loyera, the Best Rewards Solution for Airlines can help you develop customized loyalty solutions for your business and help you hold your ground even amidst intense competition in the industry. The could-based loyalty software for airline enables airline operators to manage their loyalty program on a single platform. Track and analyze passenger activity, popular routes, and redemption rates to ensure you understand your customers better. Rewarding frequent flyers each time they fly with you and motivate them to pick your airline as their first choice.

Since the aviation industry is extremely price-sensitive, airline operators must strive to make a customer feel valued by offering discounts and special deals. Using the Loyera Business App, business owners can design personalized offers and instantly send them out as push notifications to the intended audience. The Loyera Member Application allows customers to stay up to date with the latest deals and promotions. Both the applications offer real-time updates to business owners and flyers, respectively, as well.

Signing Up With Loyera

You need an intelligent and intuitive loyalty software solution to catapult your airlines to success. Use the power of Loyera to effortlessly manage customer loyalty and ensure stable growth. All you have to do is register your airline with Loyera and opt for a business plan that your fits your business requirements. Get the Loyera Business App and configure your loyalty settings to get started. That’s all! Start inviting regular flyers to donwload and install the Loyera Member App and start rewarding them points right away.

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