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POS software for airlines

Airlines use POS software on their website, at counters, and for third-party sellers, so that all the sales made can be integrated centrally and so that the available stock of flight seats are sold at optimal prices.

Airlines often also provide other value-added services like premium seat upgrades, on-flight shopping, payable food & beverages, extra baggage, etc. All this changes from one location to another and from one flyer to another.

Loyera POS software for airlines is a versatile software, whose products, categories, sub-categories, etc. can be customized to make the software suit the services and business environment of an airline. Loyera POS is not only intuitive to use, but it is free, too. It can be used with Loyalty and E-commerce add-ons to have a complete and scalable retail solution for airlines.

Best POS practices for airlines

Airlines face a lot of competition from other operators on the same routes, and hence they are always looking for ways to engage their customers effectively, so that they can earn healthy revenue and grow over time.

Airline POS software are used to accomplish various operations and revenue-related goals. Here are a few best POS practices followed by airlines around the world:

  1. Upsell to customers at point of sale and in flights
  2. Offer rewards and premium services to loyal customers
  3. Send valuable information and offers to registered customers
  4. Manage revenue by assessing and forecasting demand for a defined time period
  5. Centralizing selling of seats available between destinations
  6. Allowing third-party sellers to use stock and price data
  7. Record all customer data to support business analysis and marketing effort

Loyera POS billing software for airlines help managers achieve their business goals through various intuitive and sophisticated POS features:


  1. Automatic addition of all customer and sales data to the system
  2. Manage revenue by set prices as per demand
  3. Manage inventory and allow access to available products and seats to all sales staff including agents and third-parties
  4. Manage staff engagement in sales by studying their sales contribution
  5. Product management by setting categories, sub-categories, prices, taxes, stock, etc.
  6. Easy set up of POS with multiple points of sale across multiple outlets
  7. Set up payment options—cash, debit/credit card, Paypal, and credit
  8. Access to order and payment logs by managers and staff
  9. Creation of promotions and discounts for registered or all customers
  10. E-commerce add-on to sell services and products online
  11. Loyalty add-on to run loyalty programs to retain customers and attract new ones

Benefits of Loyera for airlines and flyers

Airlines have to manage relationship with their customers in a way that they retain old customers and attract new ones.

Loyera airline POS software helps managers to accomplish revenue-related goals by managing products and orders.

Products and services with variations and prices can be added to Loyera POS, so that apt products can be selected while processing airline bookings and orders.

Sales staff at counters, over the phone, and in third-party offices can use Loyera POS account of the airline on multiple devices to process sales through Loyera’s cloud-based software.

E-commerce and loyalty-add-ons of Loyera can be used by airlines to sell online and to reward customers to retain them. Promotions and discounts can be created and promoted among registered customers to attract them back.

Managers can access and analyze data on customers, sales and payments received over time to take sound business decisions.

Customers or flyers can use Loyera app to track their ticket bookings, meals and other purchases with the airline. They can get e-receipts for their orders through the app. They can also track their loyalty points and applicable discounts and offers.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera POS billing software for airlines is easy to set up. A business profile on Loyera can accommodate unlimited outlets of airlines with staff IDs. Unlimited products and services can also be added to the POS software with all the details, prices, taxes, etc., so that tickets booked can be processed easily and efficiently.

It is hardware independent, and hence can be used on any mobile device at the checkout counter, by agents, and other points of sale. It can be integrated with e-commerce add-on of Loyera to sell tickets online. It can be integrated in one’s e-commerce platform using plugins.

Loyera POS can be used by any airline staff member without much training and it’s cloud-based, therefore, it can be adopted universally in an organization.

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