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POS software for auto stores

Auto stores have a great potential to grow when they deliver good products and service and engage their customers from time to time. They sell products, parts and services to their clients, and for that they need to create a systematic drip marketing process.

A good POS software can help auto stores to collect customer data and use that data to market their products and services. Analysis of sales data recorded in an auto store POS software also helps understand customer preferences, which help in optimizing business.

A point of sale software for auto stores is a great way to organize sales data to learn about the dynamics of businesses. This helps in optimizing the offerings of a business in terms of products and services, and also in terms of loyalty rewards.

Best POS practices for auto stores

Auto stores follow certain point of sale practices to ensure that they can generate maximum value for the business and customers through the data collected.

Here are a few practices followed by auto stores at point of sale:

  1. Record sales details and customer data at the time of processing a sale
  2. Use sales data and history to assess business’ performance
  3. Assess sales patterns to learn what customers prefer
  4. Offer loyalty rewards to customers to return to your store to purchase related products and services
  5. Give discounts to regular customers
  6. Add all products and services in the POS system, so that all staff members are enabled to enter product information related to each sale made

Loyera’s auto store billing software allows stores to undertake various activities to efficiently process sales.

Here are a few features of Loyera auto store management software that helps businesses realize their potential:

  1. Automatic recording of each customer’s data in the registered list of customers
  2. Addition of customized products and services to the system, so that all the sales made can be properly recorded with details
  3. Loyalty software add-on to enable stores to reward loyalty points to customers
  4. Creation of discounts and offers for clients
  5. Promotion of discounts and offers by sending emails and SMSs to all the registered customers
  6. Access to payment and order log
  7. Analysis of sales and customer data
  8. Manage inventory
  9. Setting up of POS across all the branches of an auto store
  10. Setting up of payment methods to allow payments to be made through various modes

Benefits of Loyera for Industry merchants and customer

Loyera billing software for auto stores allows businesses to reach their business goals in a systematic manner. Loyera POS helps auto stores to record all sales, which helps them gather customers’ personal data and data on customer preferences, staff performance and other variables related to customers and business operations.

Loyera Loyalty and e-commerce add-ons allow auto stores to reward customer loyalty and sell online. This enables stores to manage their inventory from a central point. This cloud-based POS software for auto stores allow managers to access the data and system from anywhere, anytime, enabling them to efficiently manage products and staff.

Staff IDs can be added to the system to ensure that contributions made by staff member can be optimally recorded and assessed. This helps reshuffle shifts and rosters to have the most robust and effective team on the floor.

Loyera app can also be installed by auto store customers on their mobile phones, so that they can access their reward points and purchase history. Order log helps them keep a track of the dates when they should visit an auto store again to avail services that are needed on regular basis. The app also enables them to receive notifications about offers and discounts offered by stores.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera auto store POS software is free to install and use. It can be downloaded on computers and mobile devices, enabling auto stores of big and small sizes to implement it through their business without incurring high hardware costs.

Loyera POS is cloud-based, and hence can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This even allows sales staff to process sales when they are delivering services remotely. Stores can set up Loyera POS for multiple stores through one account, so that staff, product and inventory management can be easily taken care of and assessed centrally.

Loyera POS, with its Loyalty and e-commerce software add-ons, becomes a 360-degree retail solution for auto stores.

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