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Benefits of a Loyalty Solution for Automotive Stores

All businesses continually strive to retain existing customers and new ones on board. An automotive business also runs on the same principle. Whether you own an automotive store, repair center or hold a dealership automotive, making sure that a customer always comes back to you is important to your business. A Customer Loyalty Program for Automotive Stores can help you in accomplishing the same and retaining your customers effortlessly.

Research shows that loyal customers usually spend more than your average customer. A dedicated customer rewards program can help you increase the average spending from a customer, increase your revenues and also get you new referrals. Intelligent loyalty solutions also track and analyze customer activity to help you determine more valuable customers and incentivize them accordingly.

What Can You Motivate Your Customers?

Are you wondering how you can use a loyalty software solution to ensure that your customers come back to you, over and over again? Consider the following:

  1. Start with rewarding your customers for every purchase they make from your automotive store. Reward them points for every new purchase, remodeling, buying parts and accessories, and every time they get a vehicle serviced.
  2. Follow up with your customer to ask them if they were satisfied with the purchase of the vehicle or the service you provided. Elicit feedback and show that you care about what they think.
  3. Promote your business by running discounts and offers every now and then. For instance, offer first X services on the purchase of a new vehicle free.
  4. Reward your customers with extra points for making a reference in their network.
  5. Make sure you are always frequently in touch with your customers. Send information and promotions about sales, product launches, and festive offers.

You can promote your automotive business through a number of options, which is exactly what Loyera, an intelligent rewards solution for automotive stores, does. You can set up your own loyalty settings and design promotions and marketing strategies to woo your customers.

Both You & Your Customers Benefit

It’s important that both the business and its customers benefit from the rewards program. Loyera offers several advantages to customers as well as the automotive store owners. By helping customers save every time they visit your store and offering businesses a budget-friendly web-based loyalty solution, Loyera is one of the best loyalty solutions for automotive stores in the market. Loyera is the Best Cloud-Based Loyalty Solution for Automotive Stores that helps businesses track every customer activity and manage customer loyalty. Loyera is a top customer loyalty solution for automotive stores that enhances the efficacy of your marketing strategies by providing you direct and instant communication to your customer. Furthermore, it also offers you analytical support to help you understand hordes of customer data and activity.

Loyera has individual mobile applications for merchants and customers to ensure a seamless experience for both. The Loyera Business App helps store owners manage their loyalty program, whereas the Loyera Member App helps customers get rewarded every time they visit your store. Business owners can offer special deals, promotions, flash sales and festive season discounts to attract customers. They also receive real-time updates on the activities of the loyalty program. Customers, on the other hand, get an easy tool to manage their rewards and purchases and also view favorable deals in their neighborhood.

Sign Up with Loyera

Signing up for a loyalty software program has never been easier. Simply register your business and choose a plan that best suits your business needs. Download the Loyera Business App and configure your loyalty setting and that’s it! You can now invite your customers to get the Loyera Member App where they can see all the deals and promotions that you run on your store in real-time. To your business by rewarding and retaining your customers, get started with Loyera today!

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