Bakery Loyalty Software

Advantages of a Loyalty Program for Your Bakery

Running a bakery is no piece of cake. A business where the products sold are perishable needs a consistently high level of footfalls to avoid losses. But a customer will only come back to your bakery if they really like your products or if they feel like they’re getting a special deal every time they visit. To retain customers and to get more footfall to your store, you must ensure that you’re offering discounts and promotions every day. A Loyalty Program for Bakeries works best for businesses that have low marketing budgets. Loyera is a savior for business owners that are looking for pocket-friendly loyalty software solutions.

Loyal customers not only help sustain a business but also end up spending an extra penny whenever they visit your bakery. Loyera helps business owners retain their customer and attract new ones by regularly offering deals and promotions and rewarding them on every transaction. You can also customize the offerings as per your customers to ensure that the loyalty program for your bakery is a success. You can track customer activity to analyze which customers are bringing more value than others.

How to Engage Your Customers

Planning marketing strategies to stimulate the sales of your business is a complex and intricate process. A loyalty software solution comes to the rescue of all business owners, big and small, and helps them bring back the customers repeatedly. Let’s take a look at what you can do:

  1. To begin with, reward a customer for every time they make a purchase from your bakery. Make sure the value of your loyalty points is high enough for the customer to come back again.
  2. Run promotions every day for your sales to go up. For example: offer an X% discount after 8 pm on selective products every day to prevent your products from being wasted.
  3. Send follow up emails/text messages to your customers after every sale to know if they were satisfied with the product. Elicit feedback and incorporate relevant suggestions to let your customers know that you care.
  4. Reward your customers every time they refer someone from their circle to your bakery. There are countless ideas to run your business successfully, yet only a handful of businesses leverage the potential of a loyalty program for bakeries. Loyera will help you manage loyalty software solutions that are best-suited to your business requirements.

A Loyalty Program That Benefits Both You & Your Customer

A loyalty program helps in the retention of existing customers and bringing new customers on board. Loyera is completely cloud-based, which means that you can access and manage your rewards program from anywhere.

Loyera is designed in a way that it benefits the customer as well as the business owners. Simply have your customer install the Loyera Member Application and reward them for every purchase. The members get rewarded each time they shop and receive real-time updates for flash sales, exclusive deals, and promotions and festival season discounts. Customers can also explore their favorite local stores and view the sales and offers available in their neighborhood.

Signing Up with Loyera

Wouldn’t you rather go for a Loyalty Solution for Bakeries that is user-friendly and easy to sign up for? To sign up for Loyera, simply download and install the Loyera Business App and customize your loyalty settings. As soon as you are done setting up your application, invite your customers to download the Loyera Member App which will facilitate a real-time update of deals and promotions from your bakery. Sign up with Loyera, the best loyalty program for bakeries to accelerate the growth of your business.

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