Bakery POS Software

POS software for bakeries

Bakeries have a lot of operational details to take care of to deliver fresh products to customers, and they face a lot competition from local and online bakeries.

In this environment, it is essential for bakeries to stand out with their service delivery. They need to understand what sells at their shop, what is their peak selling time, and various other sales attributes to optimize their offering. They also need to streamline their sales and data collection.

Bakery POS software can be used to carry out sales smoothly from the counter, at the tables and online. They are essential these days to accumulate data to learn about customer preferences.

Billing software for bakeries allow merchants to easily record what they sell, offer printed or e-receipts to customers and manage log of sales made in a day, week, month or a year. One can clearly keep track of the growth of their bakery with a POS or billing software.

However, POS software are often expensive to install and use. Loyera offers a free and easy-to-set-up POS software to be used in bakeries.

Best uses of POS software for bakeries

Bakery point of sale software can fulfill a lot of requirements for managers. Here are a few best uses of a good billing software:

  1. Take orders for items at the counter, table or online to centralize data collected on sales
  2. Automatic addition of customers to the customer log, helping build a database of contact details to send promotions and offers
  3. Flexibility to add various product items, their variations, prices, valid taxes and charges, etc.
  4. Printing of customer receipts or delivery of e-receipts to customers
  5. Various payment options like card, cash or credit for customers
  6. Log and reports on daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales

Loyera is a POS software for bakeries that offers various features that fulfill the above best uses and more. Here are a few features of Loyera that help bakery shops manage their sales:

  1. Automatic addition of customer to the database
  2. Analytics of purchase data by customers, products, outlets, staff, etc. in real time
  3. Cloud-based data allows you to access the above analytics remotely
  4. Integration of POS software with Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce software
  5. Addition of outlets, registers, managers and staff
  6. Promotions and offers can be created and pushed to customers to attract customers to the shop

Loyera bakery billing software is customizable and has flexible and intuitive features to match individual bakery needs.


Benefits of Loyera for bakeries and customers

Loyera billing software for bakeries is easy to set up and use for merchants. It has a very intuitive design that can be easily followed by all staff members without much training.

It can be set up on any device, including a mobile phone, and can be instantly used to process sales and add customers. It can be used to record payments, record register and staff-wise sales, and analyze user data. It is customizable to the products, brand and other requirements of the shop. This flexibility makes it a very sought out bakery management software.

Its integration with Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce makes it a complete retail solution. It is cloud-based, which allows bakery owners and managers to access data on sales made daily on each register and by each staff member. It’s a great way to keep up with the pulse of your business.

Customers can also benefit from this Bakery shop POS software by installing Loyera app. They can receive e-receipts, keep a log of their purchases and receive offers and promotions from bakeries through the app. This helps keep them engaged with the brand. Customers can also use the POS app to see the products available with the bakery.

How to get started with Loyera

It is extremely easy to set up Loyera bakery POS system. It can be installed on any device, including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

It is free to install and use, making it a software that can be used by small and big bakeries alike. Its features allow easy scalability in terms of products and customers.

Bakeries can immediately add customers and record sales after installing the software on a device. You can instantly add products with their attributes and prices to the software and start selling them to customers. There’s no lengthy process or cumbersome training involved with using Loyera. It simplifies processing sales and collecting and analyzing data.

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