Bar & Nightclub POS Software

POS software for Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs see a lot of walk-ins and they have a very sensitive inventory to keep track of. Bars often have a fixed customer base, which patronizes the business for a long time, therefore it is important for such businesses to deliver satisfactory point of sale services.

Bar & nightclub POS software help in streamlining various aspects of businesses, besides helping in making checkouts smooth for customers. Bars need to register a customer with their payment details and open and close their tabs carefully to ensure that each item served is accounted for. This helps bars and nightclubs stay profitable and efficient.

POS software for bars and nightclubs can be expensive to install with the hardware and staff training generally required. However, with Loyera POS, bars and nightclubs can use their existing computer or mobile devices to install and use a free POS software.

Loyera enables efficient point of sale management for small, mid and large-sized bars and nightclubs. It helps retain, attract and satisfy customers by carrying out effective sales, operations and marketing activities.

Best POS practices for bars and nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs use various methods to ensure that they optimize use of their inventory and streamline order processing to maximize revenue.

Here are a few point-of-sale best practices followed by bars and nightclubs to ensure that they reach their business potential with the help of their POS system.

  1. Inventory mapping to menu items to ensure that all drink and food orders are fulfilled successfully and that inventory is used optimally
  2. Recording customer information in the system to open and close tabs efficiently to successfully complete all orders
  3. Customizing menu in POS software to make it more relevant for individual  businesses
  4. Analyzing sales data to identify favourite drinks & dishes, customer behaviour, etc.
  5. Studying price sensitivity for various items to price menu items well to maximize revenue

Loyera bar and nightclub billing software not only helps manage point of sale efficiently, but it also assists in inventory management, staff management, and more. Here are a few among the winning features of Loyera for bars and nightclubs:

  1. Registering each customer placing orders at a table or at the bar counter
  2. Mapping each order to individual customers
  3. Parking and retrieving orders to keep tabs of customers who still have to pay
  4. Creating offers to be promoted among existing customers
  5. Managing inventory by mapping each stock item to individual menu items
  6. Enabling various payment methods like cash, credit & debit cards, credit, etc.
  7. Apps for installation of POS on computers and mobile devices
  8. Integration of Loyalty add-on to reward customers who patronize the business over time

Benefits of Loyera for bars, nightclubs and their customers

Loyera bar and nightclub management software helps businesses streamline their order process, service, production and inventory management.

Inventory can be effectively managed with Loyera by attaching stock of each item to the menu items. Sales analysis available through Loyera suggests which product is to be stocked in what quantity, at any given point of time.

Orders placed by customers at tables or at bar counters can be processed easily with the help of easy-to-use interface of Loyera POS. Bar counter orders can be paid off instantly or a tab can be kept running with the help of Order parking and retrieval feature. Each order is mapped to a customer whose details are entered in the system.

Promotions and offers can be created with Loyera POS to be marketed to registered customers. Loyalty management features enable businesses to reward customers who visit its outlets frequently.

Satisfied customers can also be encouraged with rewards to refer new customers to the bar and nightclub. This helps in expanding customer base through a reliable and cost-effective marketing channel. Loyera places bars and nightclubs on the local map.

Customers can also download Loyera App to discover local bars and nightclubs. They can access their payment and order logs and receipts through the app. They can also track their customer loyalty rewards earned with an outlet.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera POS can be easily installed by bars and nightclubs on computers, tablets and mobile devices, to enable staff to take orders and map them to customers with ease.

Loyera is cloud-based, and hence managers and owners can analyze sales and payment data to take sound business decisions remotely.

Loyera POS requires businesses to create a free business account, set up a business outlet, and add at least one product to start selling to registered or new customers.

Hardware-independence, availability of various payment methods, cloud-based data and customization of product categories and products enable businesses to streamline sales and expand business to optimal levels.

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