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Loyalty Software for Business Service Providers

Business service providers like accountants, law firms and consultancies rely heavily on their repeat customers for business. There is a high competition in the market, and it is essential to give a value proposition to customers, so that they feel compelled to return to make more purchases.

The key to retaining customers of business services is high-quality service, but this key is supported with various other factors like value for money and pre, during and after sale services. Businesses like service providers who do work responsibly and own responsibility of the work to deliver the best quality.

Also, one great reason customers stay loyal is persistence of communication. Service providers have to maintain an on-going channel of communication and value delivery to ensure that businesses remember them and give them preference when choosing to hire a business service provider.

How to Get Repeat Customers for Business Services

Law, accountancy, marketing and other such business service firms have to deliver top-quality service besides offering prices that are competitive or justify the value received by customers.

Businesses have to ensure that they retain their customers, as that becomes their foundation to grow in the future.

Here are a few ways that business service providers can integrate in their loyalty solution:

  1. Understand the pain points of customers and address them
  2. Communicate with clients regularly to ensure that they’re getting what they desire, to keep them informed of the state of the projects
  3. Offer discounts to them once they have spent a certain amount of money with you in a year; this will motivate them to stick with you for all their relevant requirements, so that they can reduce their average cost over time
  4. Give more credit band to your loyal customers
  5. Send offers and promotions on new services to loyal customers
  6. Give free consultancy on certain things to customers who maintain a permanent and running account with you
  7. Ask your customers for referrals and give them benefits for the same
  8. Appreciate your customers and send them gifts and greetings on special occasions
  9. Offer incentives like tours and gifts to customers who spend a certain amount of money with you in a specified time, but ensure that the incentives are relevant to the industry and do not take away from the the charm of your work

These are a few loyalty program features which can be supported by a top loyalty software for business service providers, to get the best results in terms of high customer retention, expanded customer lifetime value and reduced customer acquisition cost.

Loyera Loyalty App for business service providers offers features that allow service providers to streamline their loyalty communications and activities to get enough business to help it work at its potential. Here’s how Loyera can support your loyalty program:


  1. Add business contacts to the loyalty network through Loyera mobile app
  2. Constantly send notifications to loyal customers and contacts added to the network to ensure that they are aware of your services and offers
  3. Give rewards to customers on their money spent with you.

Loyera for Business Service Providers and Customers

Loyera has universal application and value when it comes to loyalty management in Business Service domain.

Loyera allows businesses to set up a loyalty solution without incurring any additional cost. The Loyera app can even be used on a mobile phone, and employees can add customers to the loyalty program in the conferences and meeting they attend. Loyera helps in marketing service and offers by sending notifications to users. The cloud-based software can help access and analyse data from anywhere, anytime. It also helps potential customers discover your business locally.

Customers can find your service though Loyera’s local business map. They can track the money they have spent with you and the rewards and services you offer. They can also give feedback on your series and connect with you on any issue.

Loyera ensures that you get a 360-degree solution to your loyalty management requirements.

Instant Set Up with Loyera

Loyera, as mentioned earlier, is hardware independent. It allows business service providers like lawyers, accountants, marketers and IT service providers to create a sophisticated loyalty program solution at no additional cost.

Loyera rewards software for business service providers can be used on any device, including a mobile phone. It can be used remotely, both online and offline. One can access their user data to study what services customers prefer and optimize their offering accordingly.

Customers find it easy and convenient to connect with businesses through Loyera. Loyera also keeps them updated on their current rewards and offerings.


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