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POS software for cafes

Cafes running on small or large scales prefer using an efficient POS software which will help them streamline the process of sales and give them valuable data to understand their customers’ behaviour to be able to alter their products and services to get the best results.

However, generally subscribing to an efficient POS software is expensive and requires a lot of training. One has to also purchase dedicated hardware like a computer, keyboard, UPS and CPU to set up a POS software solution.

Loyera Point of sale software for cafes is free to install and set up. You can even install Loyera POS on a mobile device, and hence it is accessible to both small and big cafes.

It offers sophisticated features and easy-to-use interface for cafe staff members and managers. It’s cloud-based and hence can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Best POS Practices for Cafes

Cafes use POS to take orders, issue receipts, manage orders, manage loyalty and review staff performance.

Here are a few best point of sale practices for cafes which help cafes reach their full potential:

  1. Having a clear list of items and their variations on the menu
  2. Prices for different items and discounts at various times should reflect clearly
  3. Recording and processing orders as per tables should be easy
  4. Orders can be taken on the counter, at the table or online
  5. Record of orders taken and processed by different staff members should be maintained
  6. Data on sales should be available for analysis
  7. Dashboard to manage in-store and online orders
  8. Various payment options like card, cash, NET banking, and customer credit

Loyera cafe POS software enables owners to undertake all the above best practices and more. Here are a few features of Loyer POS, which make it stand out:

  1. Automatic addition of every customer to the database
  2. Loyalty add-on available for POS software
  3. E-commerce add-on available for POS to sell online
  4. Hardware-independent set up
  5. Data on sales by outlets, staff members, days, etc. is available
  6. Various outlets of a cafe can be managed with a centralized POS software, and cafe staff and managers can be alloted unique IDs
  7. Promotions and discounts can be created and sent to customers from time to time
  8. Feedback on products and services can be received from customers

With such features, cafes can keep a track of their daily earnings, see what sells the most at what time, and assess how many staff members need to be employed each day.

Benefits of Loyera POS for cafe owners and customers

Loyera cafe management software helps process orders placed by customers at the point of sale counter, table side or online. This compiles all incoming orders, which can be forwarded to the kitchen together.

Customers are automatically added to the database, so that they can be sent offers, promotions and discounts in future, to increase revenue. Loyera Loyalty add-on also help reward points to customers on each purchase made by them. This helps retain customers and increase their basket size.

E-commerce add-on of Loyera helps promote business online to increase revenue. All offline and online transactions can be checked at one place to streamline order management and study sales.

Feedback can be received from customers and they can be encouraged to share their experience on social media to engage and attract new customers.

Customers can also download Loyera app to see the menu of the cafe, order online, track purchases with the cafe, receive offers and discounts from cafes, and give feedback. Customers can also earn reward points on the orders placed and redeem reward points on future purchases.

There is real-time data available for both cafe owners and customers through Loyera, which can be used to optimize cafe’s offerings to help them reach their business potential.

How to get started with Loyera

Setting up Loyera cafe billing software is easy, and it’s free to install and use. Cafe owners can use a tablet or even a mobile phone to install Loyera app, and use it instantly to set up a business profile.

Cafes can add different outlets, staff members and managers to Loyera’s billing software for cafes, so that everybody’s contribution to sales can be tracked.

Loyera has a very intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to be used by any staff member with minimal guidance or training.

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