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Car Rentals Business and Loyalty Programs

Loyera is an intuitive, cost-effective, and easy-to-use loyalty solution that helps you grow your car rental business. It assists you in increasing the frequency with which customers rent cars from your business. Here’s how Loyera’s car rental loyalty software solution can benefit your business:


  1. Loyera helps you attract new customers. Potential customers looking for car rental services are recommended your business and displayed deals and discounts on offer.
  2. Loyera identifies high-value customers and customizes offers and discounts for them in order to increase engagement and repeat booking.
  3. Loyera also assists in establishing and maintaining healthy customer relationships by helping you engage them frequently with promotions, rewards, and discounts. Real-time alerts on rewards activity and seasonal offers help in increasing brand retention as well.
  4. Employee activity can be monitored effectively with Loyera. You can easily keep a track of sign-ups, reward points granted and redeemed, and customer feedback in order to make data-backed business decisions.

What Sets Loyera Apart

A successful loyalty program generates value for both, the business and its customers. Loyera has been designed to benefit businesses of all kinds and sizes. Businesses can retain their existing customers and draw new ones in, and thereby sustainably boost their growth and revenues. Managing rewards, sales, and marketing offers on the go offers car rental owners the flexibility to keep a close track on day-to-day business activities remotely.

Customers who are a part of car rental reward programs can earn and redeem reward points everytime they use your services. An intelligent cloud-based loyalty software, Loyera manages manage loyalty points, keeps a track of purchases and helps businesses connect with their customers in real-time.  

Benefits for Loyal Customers

Travelers tend to rent cars right at the eleventh hour. It industry might seem like it inspires the least brand loyalty as the audience of car rental programs is relatively smaller. As a result, one doesn’t see many loyalty programs for car rentals. For customers, there are ample of benefits for enrolling in a car rental loyalty program. Zero waiting, instant confirmation, upgrades and exclusive discounts. Signing up for a car rental loyalty program is a great value for those who usually rent cars. If you are looking to rent a set of wheels, you need to sign up for a good rewards program to get access to member benefits. It’s obviously not possible to get a free rental every time you book a car, but earning points every time you do so definitely pays off in the long run.

Signing Up With Loyera

Signing up for Loyera’s loyalty software solution is a child’s play. All you need to do is download the Loyera Business app, register yourself, select a plan as per your business requirements and get started. You can then invite your customers to get the Loyera Member app where they will have an access to the deals and promotions put up by you. Get started with Loyera and give a boost to your business today!

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