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POS software for car rental companies

Car rental service providers often deal with a large number of clients, and they want to ensure that they get maximum value out of their resources.

Car rental companies face a lot of competition from small and big service providers, and hence it is important for them to engage their customers to retain them for a long period of time.

Car rental POS software like Loyera enable businesses to process and record each order with efficiency to understand their customer behaviour and sales pattern. Accordingly, car rental service providers can manage their prices to maximize their revenue.

Loyera car rental POS software helps service providers to manage their sales, revenue and staff to the maximum benefits.

Best POS practices for car rental companies

Car rental service providers use POS software to process sales and engage customers. Often, companies use mobile POS software apps that can be used by sales staff working remotely.

Here are a few best practices followed by car rental service providers to gain optimal results:

  1. Process sales at remote points of sale
  2. POS app is installed on all staff members’ mobile devices
  3. Data of each customer is recorded in the system, so that it can be used for marketing and customer retention
  4. Inventory and revenue management is done to ensure that the available resources are utilized to their maximum capacity
  5. Analysis of sales data helps understand which season is peak business season, so that prices and resources can be managed optimally
  6. Offers and marketing messages are sent to registered customers
  7. Referrals are taken from registered customers in return for incentives

Loyera POS is designed to help car rental companies streamline their sales process. Various Loyera car rental billing software features help manage resources, staff and revenue to get the maximum value for businesses.

  1. Addition of all travellers to the registered customer list
  2. Creation of offers for registered users
  3. Promotions of services by sending emails and notifications to registered users
  4. Managing products and prices
  5. Analyzing data to identify peak season and customer behaviour
  6. Rewarding loyalty points to customers to be redeemed on future bookings
  7. Issue of print and e-receipts to customers
  8. Setting up different payment modes to allow travellers to pay through cash, card, etc.

Benefits of Loyera for car rental companies and customers

Car rental companies can benefit by streamlining their sales and product management with Loyera. This cloud-based billing software for car rental companies allows processing of sales from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it can be accessed by managers remotely, so that they can continue managing revenue and sales no matter where they are.

Car rental companies can collect valuable customer data with the help of Loyera POS. The collected data can be used to keep customers engaged by sending them information and offers of value. This helps retain customers and grow business.

Sales data can also be studied to understand which cars are more preferred and what services customers value the most. This helps optimizing the services offered. Sales data analysis also helps in price the services right at different times to get the maximum revenue from the existing resources.

Customers of car rental companies can download Loyera App to stay updated about the offers that service providers extend. Loyera app can be used to access one’s order log and receipts. This also helps in keeping track of loyalty points earned in order to be able to redeem them in the future.

How to get started with Loyera

Service providers can get started with Loyera car rental management software without expending much on hardware and software. Loyera POS is free to install and use.

Car rental companies can install Loyera POS on mobile devices of all field staff members and on computer and other devices of staff members working from the office. This reduces the hardware cost and ensures that sales can be processed from anywhere, anytime.

Various staff members with their staff IDs can be added to Loyera POS, so that staff performance can be accessed and analyzed. All the cars and other services can be added to the system to ensure that all the sales are systematically recorded. All service centres can be added to the same account, so that all the sales data can be managed centrally.

Customers can use Loyera App on their mobile devices to stay connected with with car rental companies.

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