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POS software for casinos

Casinos thrive on retaining old customers and increasing the lifetime value of each customer that walks in. However, with stationary cash counters, casinos’ ability to upsell can get limited. Therefore, casinos need to find innovative, mobile POS solutions to offer a smooth purchase experience to customers, so that more revenue can be generated. Token loss and management is another issue that casinos need to deal with to create optimal value for themselves.

POS software for casinos like Loyera help in creating a streamlined casino and sales management process, so that casinos are able to cater to their regular and new guests smoothly to generate optimal value for all stakeholders.

Best POS practices for casinos

Best casinos around the world use advanced POS technologies, so that their customers are not taken out of the moment or inconvenienced. They want to keep customers involved and in the gaming streak, so that they can be encouraged to purchase more.

Here are a few best POS practices followed by casinos to get optimal results:

  1. Mobile POS tablets to allow customers to order drinks and gaming chips from gaming tables
  2. Mapping of orders to individual guest, so that guests are not inconvenienced to pay up front while they are playing
  3. Managing chips and their distribution throughout the floor
  4. Analysis of data on popularity of games, days and other customer preference attributes
  5. Multiple terminals or POS counters are established to increase sales opportunities
  6. Player activities are tracked to understand their purchase value, services availed, game statistics
  7. Integrated POS is installed across departments to streamlines sales on the game floor, at bar, for food & rooms, etc.

Loyera casino POS software offers flexibility and scalability to enable casinos to offer convenience to customers and have an increased chance to maximize revenue. Here are a few features that help casinos undertake the above best practices and more:

  1. Hardware-independent POS software to be installed on mobile and computer devices
  2. Cloud-based database to be accessed anywhere, anytime
  3. Real-time data updation across the POS system to keep all the departments and POS counters on the same page
  4. Inventory management for chips, bar & food items, rooms, etc.
  5. Customization of products and product categories to make the POS software relevant for individual casinos
  6. Placement of casinos on local maps for increased visibility among the target market
  7. Creation of promotions and offers for existing and new customers
  8. Loyalty add-on to reward loyal and regular customers
  9. E-commerce to enable customers to order services online before their arrival or from gaming tables

Benefits of Loyera for casinos and their guests

Loyera casino management software is comprehensive, customizable and scalable. Casinos can add multiple locations to the their Loyera POS account to manage all properties centrally.

Inventory management system of Loyera enables casinos to keep track of chips, bar & food items, and rooms in stock. Analysis of inventory also enables casino managers to stock and price things optimally to maximize revenue.

Order management features of Loyera helps process sales smoothly from cash counters or table-side/on-table tablets. This billing software for casinos enables streamlining of sales. Sales staff can study sales data to assess what sells more and which games are most popular among players.

Casinos can set up their choice of payment methods, collect customer data, and issue print of e-receipts to customers through Loyera POS.

Guests can also install Loyera app on their mobile phones to keep track of their purchases and transactions at the casino, while they are busy having a good time. They can track the reward points they have earned over time, and can also access discounts offered by casinos.

How to get started with Loyera

Casinos can install Loyera free of cost, and use it on any mobile or computer device. This helps installation of Loyera POS across the gaming floor, at the bar and in other departments without incurring much hardware cost.

Casinos can set up multiple locations and properties, payment methods, currency of choice, staff IDs, product categories, and product names with prices and details to start selling. Sales staff can easily sell and add customer data using Loyera POS’ simple user interface.

Cloud-based database from Loyera can be accessed anywhere, anytime by staff and managers to understand individual player activity, business performance, department performance, staff performance and more.

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