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Loyalty Software for Casinos

Casinos—big and small—often have to work hard to retain patrons over a long period of time. Also, for casinos, it’s not always about the quantity, but often it’s about the quality of customers. Besides having good facilities, a casino must have offers and reward points for its customers to ensure that they feel connected to the place.

Therefore, it’s necessary to have a good loyalty program for casinos to ensure that the customers find value in coming back over and over again. Branches of the same casino also often do different levels of business, which can be corrected with the help of an inter-branch loyalty program.

Loyalty programmes can enhance the buy-in amount of a casino’s players, and can even attract new players over time. It can help track and analyze gaming behaviour of various players. It’s important to understand that offering rewards to customers brings them back. When they feel special and get fair value on their money spent is when they return to a facility again.

How Can a Casino Keep its Customers Engaged?

A casino has to do three things to increase their business—make old customers come back, increase the buy-ins of existing customers, and attract new customers to the casino.

The idea is to undertake activities to achieve the above, and, at the same time, satisfying customers.

At a casino, entertaining and making players feel good is the key to bring them back, and the best loyalty program for casinos treats players like kings, delivering value on a platter.

Here are a few functions that a casino’s loyalty program should allow:

  1. Rewarding customers on their buy-in amounts
  2. Rewarding players to refer or bring in additional players
  3. Offering discounts to players on various occasions and games
  4. Redemption of loyalty points by players for free chips or other products like drinks, food, etc.

With the increasing competition from regular casinos and online ones, it’s a challenge to find ways to attract players into a casino facility. The players who do come, seek entertainment, value and good service. Your loyalty program should ensure that your customers get that. One of the best loyalty apps for casinos is Loyera.

Besides the above mentioned features, Loyera has the following key features that will cater to your loyalty management needs.

  1. Analyze buy-ins and playing behaviour of players to be able to create future promotions around real data
  2. Ease of use across branches
  3. Add new players to the loyalty network with ease
  4. Access cloud-based real-time data about loyalty program’s effectiveness

A Loyalty Program for Players and Casino Management

A good loyalty program for casinos is one that benefits both players and management of a casino. Loyalty is a two-way street, and a loyalty program’s success depends upon the value customers perceive in a business’ offering. Loyera helps casinos plan an optimal loyalty program and deliver it smoothly to reward its players to keep coming back.

It helps casinos to create a database of loyal customers, to offer discounts and new games to players to keep them engaged and wanting more, to analyze payouts by individual players and popular games and services, and to optimize the offering of the casino. Loyera helps casinos do all that.

Even casino players can download Loyera Shopper App to access a log of their previous purchases at the casino. It gives them real-time access to personalized offers on games, drinks and food, which enhances their affinity and loyalty towards the casino.

A referral reward point can even motivate players to bring their friends and family along to play. Loyera loyalty app also helps customers to locate branches of the same casino in various locations, so that they remain with the brand, even when they move or travel to a different location.

Set Up Loyera for Casinos

It is easy to set up Loyera at all the branches of a casino. All you need is a mobile device, on which you can install the loyalty app. It lets managers of a casino add customers to the database easily. It helps study individual player behaviour, which helps in identifying valuable patrons of a casino.

This helps managers offer special discounts or services to top clients. One can also use the app offline, which syncs customer data with the casino’s cloud-based account when the connection of the device to the internet is re-established.

To get maximum benefits, casinos using Loyera can encourage their users to use also Loyera app to keep track of their reward points and earned benefits and receive offers, so that they find a reason to come back—which is good for both businesses and their patrons.

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