Children’s Stores Loyalty Software

Loyalty software for children’s stores

Children’s stores face competition from big brands and local and online stores. With this fierce competition in the market, it is an imperative to have a strong loyalty program to ensure that you get repeat customers who buy larger baskets of goods.

A children’s store has to find a way to become the go-to store for parents and kids in the vicinity. It should have the right stock, prices and services to attract customers on various occasions—birthdays, festivals, back-to-school, etc.

One big challenge about setting up a loyalty program for stores is the cost involved. Especially for local and mom & pop children’s stores, implementing a loyalty program can mean installing a computer, keyboard, UPS, CPU, internet connection, etc, besides getting a ‘point of sale’ software.

With loyalty software for children’s stores like Loyera, one can eliminate hardware cost, and set up and use a loyalty program for free.

How to make children’s store customers loyal

Children’s store loyalty program softwares can do wonders by automating loyalty management to an extent to get customers to return to the store and increase their basket size. With the right implementation, even new customers and referrals can be attracted.

Here are a few loyalty rewards solutions for children’s stores:

  1. Loyalty registration reward points
  2. Reward points on every purchase
  3. Twenty percent discount on one purchase bill in birthday months of registered kids
  4. Redemption of reward points on purchase of toys, clothes, shoes, stationary, etc. in future
  5. Redemption of a certain number of rewards to get a free gift; this gives an aspiration to kids and motivates them to make more purchases
  6. Bonus to refer a person to the store can be given to customers
  7. Free gift packaging
  8. Free shipping for big-sized gifts
  9. Reminders to buy gifts on prominent purchase anniversaries

Children and parents can be rewarded in various ways to ensure that whenever they think of buying toys, clothes, or any other product you sell, they think of nothing but you.

However, it is important for a children’s stores to be well-stocked as per the demand of its customers, it is also vital to offer good services like packaging, fast checkout, polite staff behaviour, assistance during purchase, and, at times, taking orders for merchandise not available at the store.

Loyera Loyalty App for children’s stores can be used to support such loyalty activities. Some great support features offered by Loyera for children’s stores—big and small—are:

  1. Hardware-independent set up to ensure that installation of the program is easy and inexpensive
  2. Instant addition of customers to the loyalty network
  3. Push notifications available to inform customers about discounts and offers on various occasions
  4. Addition of all outlets and staff to the loyalty program to ensure that patrons can avail benefits on all stores

Loyalty benefits for both customers and stores

Loyera Loyalty Software offers features that benefit both customers and stores. This is made possible with the help of various efficient features.

Children’s stores can use Loyera to instantly set up their loyalty program, add customers to the network, reward points, send promotional notifications, offer products online, analyze user data, and become a local champion. It puts children’s stores on the local business map, and gets them visibility for their products and services. Since, Loyera is cloud-based, store managers can access user data from anywhere, anytime. This reward app for children’s stores can be used both online and offline.

Shoppers can download Loyera app to get access to rewards, discounts and promotions offered by the store. Parents can track their product purchase history. Shopper can add loose change to their Loyera Wallet, and can use that on their next purchase. Customers can also order online and give feedback to the store on products and services.

Easy and free set up

It is easy and free to set up loyalty programs for children’s stores with Loyera. Loyera is hardware-independent, and hence stores do not have to spend on dedicated devices and computers to set up a program.

Loyera Loyalty App for children’s stores can be installed even on a mobile phone. Even if you are offline, you can continue adding customers to the Loyalty network and carry out transactions. The data will automatically get updated when the connection gets re-established. This makes it easy for businesses to set up and use loyalty programs to retain and gain customers.

Loyera’s push notifications for merchants help stores to save money on marketing, as notifications about products and offers can be sent to customers through the app in seconds.

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