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Loyalty Software for Clinics

Managing customer loyalty and converting a satisfied customer into an ambassador for a clinic is instrumental to its growth. Clinics often face a lot competition in the market, and often, customers are not even aware of the suite of services offered by a clinic. Therefore, it is important to build a word-of-mouth and promotion channel, so that your clinic has a constant stream of new and old customers. For a general, skin, hair, fertility, dental or any other medical and specialized clinic, it’s important to have a loyalty program that focuses on increasing walk-ins and improving conversion. A loyalty program for clinics like Loyera can help you offer loyalty rewards, promote discounts and services, and create a network of loyal customers who not only return to avail services, but also share their experiences with their social network, which brings you new customers.

How Can a Clinic Keep its Customers Engaged?

To create a base of loyal customers and advocates, besides delivering satisfactory treatments, a clinic must deliver value in terms of good pre and post-sale services, appreciation for patrons, discounts and promotions to engage customers, and a platform to share feedback and testimonials. There are no right or wrong ways to manage your loyalty program for clinics, but here are a few best practices for a clinic loyalty Program.

  1. Offer rewards to patients for every appointment
  2. Allow redemption of reward points for a free appointment
  3. Give a goal to your customers to strive towards, e.g. give one appointment free after every five appointments
  4. Offer substantial value to customers who are loyal, e.g. 10 percent discount on all services to patients who have taken ten or more appointments
  5. Identify customers who are satisfied with the service at your clinic
  6. Show appreciation to loyal and satisfied customers and encourage them to be your brand ambassador.
  7. Reward loyal customers for referrals
  8. Inform patients about how your clinic loyalty program functions and how they can best benefit from it

Once the patrons feel that they have something to accomplish and that they are already on the path to achieve it soon, they may put extra effort to achieve the goal, and in the process, bring you more business. Loyera offers the best loyalty rewards software for clinics with features to implement loyalty activities with various goals—increasing sales, raising brand awareness and improving inventory management. Loyera’s loyalty solution for clinics has features that will do wonders for your loyalty program:

  1. Instant addition of patients of to clinic loyalty network
  2. Easy to set up and hardware-independent loyalty app for clinics
  3. Creating and pushing offers and promotions to loyal customer database
  4. Easy rewards and redemption for patients
  5. Analysis of sales and loyalty data to identify satisfied customers who can be approached for advocacy and reputation management of the clinic
  6. Analysis of data to identify popular services
  7. Marketing new and old clinic services to local customers

A Loyalty Program for Patients and Clinics

Loyera’s  loyalty app for clinics offers features for both clinics and patrons. Dental, hair, fertility, skin, general and other clinics can identify the activists they want to conduct through their loyalty program and implement them through comprehensive features of Loyera. Clinics can easily add new patients to the loyalty network to reward them on every appointment and offer them discounted services. They can market new services and gain insight from user data to find the most effective programs. Loyera also has a loyalty app for clinic Patients who can use it to access their appointment history, track rewards, get updates on clinic discounts and offers, give feedback, and contact the clinic to book appointments.

Easily Installing Loyera at Clinics

Installing Loyera at clinics is a cakewalk. One can install the rewards app for clinics on any mobile device and use it instantly to add loyal customers to their network. It can be used both offline and online, and hence further cuts down the requirement of staying connected always. Its cloud-based database allows you to use the app while you’re working remotely and analyse user data to formulate strategies. Clinics can also streamline their loyalty program across branches using Loyera, which allows setting up profiles for branches at different locations and with different currencies. Having a loyalty program software for clinics allows seamless management of sales and loyalty to optimize business returns.

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