Clothing Store Loyalty Software


A Customer Loyalty Program for Clothing Stores

Loyalty programs for clothing stores are a dime a dozen. However, only the programs that focus on providing their customers with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience tend to be successful. Furthermore, customer loyalty solutions for your clothing store must be unique in order to engage customers with their ingenuity.

Customer Loyalty Program for Clothing and Apparel stores needs to focus on retaining customers as much as finding new ones. Studies have shown that recurring customers bring in a majority of the business revenue, and hence, spending resources to engaging them is a strategically sound business call. Furthermore, identifying high-value and high-potential customers in order to offer them relevant and personalized rewards goes a long way in ensuring that they continue to do business with you. Personalization of rewards, communication, and experiences is one of the best ways to ensure that customers remain loyal to your business.

Motivating A Customer to Buy from You

Creating a seamless experience for your customers is very important for your business to retain customers and to engage them. However, you need to engage them with strategies and plan exactly how you tend to hold their attention. Here are a few ways in which you can motivate your customer using a rewards program for your clothing and apparel store:

  1. Award your customers each time they shop from you.
  2. Offer flash sales that are not only crowd-magnets but also enhance brand awareness.
  3. Encourage your customer to spend more by offering them promotions such as “Buy X Get X free” or “Get X% off on purchase of a minimum X amount”.
  4. Gather feedback from customers regarding their experience after shopping
  5. Offer discount coupons to your customer on special occasions like birthdays or festivals
  6. Offer the option of purchasing gift cards, as this helps you attract new customers.

You can take several other measures to motivate and engage your customers. By making customer retention a priority, you can accelerate your growth story and achieve new business milestones quickly. Remember, a regular customer spends higher than the average new customer.

Loyera: For You and Your Customers

While it’s important for a loyalty solution to be beneficial to your business, the ones that eventually make an impact are the ones that put customers first. If a customer feels that a loyalty solution is simply a publicity gimmick, they would refrain from using it.

Loyera, the Best Customer Loyalty Software for Clothing and Apparel Stores, is one only solution that offers individual apps for business merchants as well as customers. The intelligent loyalty solution can also help send customized promotions based on customer shopping activity and history. Additionally, since the software is cloud-based, business merchants can view customer activity and change loyalty settings from anywhere. Last, but far from least, Loyera can help you devise a personalized shopping experience for your customers and make the process of earning and redeeming reward points a fun and enjoyable process.

Your offers will truly appeal to customers if they are relevant and help them save a few bucks. The Loyera Member Application helps businesses connect directly with their customers and helps promote deals and offers instantly. Customers can also view discounts and sales on different stores and visit the ones that appeal to them the most. Lastly, in addition to receiving real-time updates regarding their purchases and rewards, customers can also view their purchase history, alongside deals and products of the day.

Signing Up for Loyera is Easy

Getting started with Loyera is easier than you can imagine. Register for your business, get the Loyera Business App and choose a plan that suits your business requirements the best. All you have to do now is set up your loyalty settings and that’s all! Have your customers download the Loyera Member Application and start rewarding them instantly. Get your customers to join your loyalty program when they drop by and encourage them to reap the many benefits of the same.

Let’s Grow Together!

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