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Clothing stores have a lot of SKUs to manage, and it gets cumbersome to record and access their prices at the point of sale to allow easy checkout. Also returns and exchange of merchandize is very common in the fashion industry, and hence having a record of previous sales is essential for merchants and customers.

These challenges besides expensive POS software solutions in the market make it difficult for clothing retailers to manage sales without spending huge sums of money. This makes installation of POS infeasible for many small stores.

Loyera offers an easy-to-set-up and free clothing store POS software. It helps clothing stores to add merchandise with variations, prices and other attributes, process sales, add customers to their list and analyze data. It solves various sales management related issues for clothing retailers.

How to get best results from Clothing Store POS

Point of sale for clothing stores is an important juncture in the sales process. It is where stores can establish a lasting value stream from every customer.

A well-designed clothing store billing software allows merchants to:

  1. Track every sale with details of SKUs or products sold
  2. Know the purchase basket of customers in different seasons and at different times of a day
  3. Access analytical data on sales
  4. Add staff and managers to the system to track their contribution
  5. Easily add customized products to keep inventory up to date and make sales processing easy and effective
  6. Issue receipts, physical or electronic, to customers
  7. Send offers and promotions to registered customers to attract them back to the store

Loyera clothing store POS software has various features that enable clothing stores to offer a smooth checkout experience to shoppers. Loyera POS also enables stores to analyze data to optimize sales management. Here are a few features that make Loyera a great POS software:

  1. Easy set up and hardware-independent installation
  2. Customized products and their categories can be added
  3. Creation of promotions and offers and sending them to registered customers
  4. Payment and transaction log to understand purchase preferences of customers
  5. Analysis of sales, contribution of each staff member, and popularity of products
  6. Set up of different currencies for different outlets
  7. Stock management
  8. Integration of POS with Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce software
  9. Customer APP to stay connected and keep them engaged

Benefits of Loyera for Industry merchants and customer

Loyera clothing store management software allows merchants to undertake a variety of sales, merchandising and analysis-related activities.

Benefits of Loyera billing software for clothing stores are:

  1. Optimization of sales and inventory as per analysis of purchase data of customers, over time
  2. Tracking the contribution of each staff member and manager in sales
  3. Easy management of inventory and new products in the store
  4. Streamlining of sales through online and offline stores with Loyera E-commerce add on
  5. Retention of customers and increase of their basket size with the help of Loyera Loyalty software, promotions and offers
  6. Marketing of store through Loyera App that helps place the store on the local map and allows stores to send notifications to customers about offers and promotions

Customers can benefit from Clothing store POS app by accessing the list of products available with a clothing store. They can stay updated about the merchandize that a store has. Customers can also use the app to access their e-receipts, in case they want to exchange or return a piece of merchandize.

It also gets easier to access all the offers and promotions available with the clothing store through the Loyera App.

How to get started with Loyera

Clothing stores can easily instal POS software with Loyera, without incurring any additional cost. It can be installed even on a mobile phone, can be set up in minutes with various products, business and outlet information, managers, staff, etc.

Clothing stores can analyze which designs and products sell well at what time and in what season using Loyera clothing store management software.

To start, merchants can add information about all outlets, managers and staff members, and then can add all the products to the POS software. When a sale is made and recorded in Loyera POS software, customer details automatically get added to the database, which can be used later to promote new merchandize and offers.

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