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POS software for consultants

Consultants offer various kinds of services ranging from business, medical and personal to home services. Most of the consultants have defined resources and they like to manage their revenue in a manner that they get the maximum returns out of the business they do.

It is essential for consultants to use a POS system to streamline their sales, promote their services and engage their clients from time to time to grow their business.

Consultant POS software like Loyera, help users manage their business professionally, as a POS software automates a lot of activities and maintains an organized database of services and clients, so that data can be analyzed by consultants to identify opportunities and optimize revenue.

Loyera POS is free to install and use, and can also be used on a mobile phone, which allows consultants working remotely to be able to access data and process sales.

Best POS practices for consultants

Consultants prefer to use POS to process sales as it helps streamline the invoices to be raised for each order.

A consultant uses POS to undertake the following activities:

  1. Create a database of registered clients to use for future analysis and promotions
  2. Offer discounts to regular customers
  3. Loyalty management
  4. To access order log to check their delivery status
  5. To process orders and issue receipts and invoices through emails & SMSs and in print
  6. To analyze service-related data to identify the services that generate the maximum value
  7. Get feedback from customers to understand what makes them satisfied and what they prefer

These best practices can be implemented with the help of Loyera POS, which is a sophisticated business and revenue management software for consultants:

Here a few features of Loyera, to help consultant optimize their revenue:

  1. Automatic addition of all customers to the database
  2. Timely issue of e-receipts and invoices to customers
  3. Analysis of data on sales, payments received and staff management
  4. Issue of discounts to clients who are valuable
  5. Give rewards to loyal customers on every order they make
  6. E-commerce website for the consultant can be set to allow clients to place orders online
  7. Unlimited services and their variations can be added to the system to ensure that requirements of different clients can be recorded in each order
  8. Incentives can be given to customers to refer new customers for the business to grow
  9. Analysis of clients and their orders to understand which service and clients are the most valuable for the business

Benefits of Loyera for consultants and their customers

Loyera POS is designed to suit different kinds of business requirements. Loyera features can be used to enable consultants to process and record sales in a way that they are able to extract maximum benefits out of their current resources and client database.

Loyera POS allows consultants to easily add each customer in the database to process and record each sale systematically. Each service and its variants can be added to the system with relevant categories, so that while creating invoices, all the services purchase by the clients can be recorded.

This consultant management software helps take orders in a seamless manner and offers a log of all transactions. One can even park an order that has been left unfinished by a client. Such orders can be retrieved from the order log for completion or cancellation. Every time a client pays for a service, consultants can use Loyera Loyalty to offer them reward points, which can be redeemed for future purchases made by the clients.

Clients not only benefit from Loyalty points earned, but they can also use Loyera App to keep a track of all their transactions with all the consultants and other businesses associated with Loyera. It becomes their one stop for record related to all their purchases.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera POS software for consultants can be easily installed and used for free. It is a cloud-based software and can be used from anywhere, anytime. It can even be installed on a mobile phone, eliminating the cost associated with dedicated POS hardware.

Loyera consultant POS software allows consultants to easily create a business profile and add services to it to start recording every sales made. It is very easy for consultants to add a customer to the system at the time of processing sales. Automatic invoices and offers can be emailed to clients as per the requirements of the business, using this billing software for consultants.

Analytics can also be easily accessed by consultants and their managers through consultant billing software of Loyera to optimize the prices of and discounts on the services offered.

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