Convenience Store POS Software

POS software for convenience stores

Convenience stores have a lot of inventory and a high walk-in on many days. They require a point of sale software which can list all products available and record transactions easily.

There is also a challenge regarding the cost of installing and using a good POS software for convenience stores.

Loyera POS is free to install and it has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy to implement at a store.

POS software like Loyera enable easy addition of products to the billing management software for convenience stores. This allows for efficient inventory management.

A good convenience store POS software helps process sales efficiently, manage inventory, streamline staff engagement and access data to optimize the offerings of the store.

Loyera POS helps accomplish all these tasks and create a customer database, which can be used to tap the benefits of customer loyalty.

Best POS Practices for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores need to have a flexible POS management software, so that they can add their unique product range, staff roster and customers to the system.

Some of the best point of sale practices for convenience stores are:

  1. Managing discounts and promotions to increase customer basket size
  2. Easy and fast checkout for customers
  3. Management of inventory available at the store
  4. Addition of customers to the database
  5. Log of transactions made during the day
  6. Data on total sales, products sold, customer engagement, etc.
  7. Record of individual staff contribution to sales

Loyera’s convenience store billing software has various features that help undertake the above activities. It helps accomplish many other sales and marketing objectives for convenience stores.

  1. Receive payment from cards, in cash, and from mobile wallets; convenience stores can also sell products on credit
  2. Automatically add each customer to database, when they pay for products
  3. Offer discounts and other product promotions to customers
  4. Offer loyalty rewards to customers through Loyera Loyalty add-on
  5. Sell online and offer home delivery through Loyera E-commerce add-on
  6. Receive referrals from customers to increase user base
  7. Engage customers by sending them various promotions and offers through notifications and emails
  8. Manage inventory in Loyera POS Products section
  9. Easily add new products and stock of products
  10. Track orders for any date or time duration

Loyera offers a full retail solution to convenience stores. Stores can not only streamline the sales process, but can also access valuable data about sales in terms of each product sold, day-wise sales made, etc.

Benefits of Loyera POS for Convenience stores and customers

Convenience store POS software by Loyera helps store managers and owners to process sales, manage inventory, retain customers and reach business potential.

Loyera allows addition of unlimited products with unlimited variation to the POS software. Stores can add individual product prices, tax, service charges, etc.

Sales can be quickly processed by cashiers with the help of Loyera’s intuitive user interface. Each staff member logs in with their unique ID, and hence their performance and contribution can be tracked. Post sales, customer data is recorded in the system.

Managers can create product offers, discounts, loyalty rewards, etc. and send related notifications to customers to engage old customers and attract new ones.

Loyera is cloud-based, and hence it can be accessed by managers from anywhere, anytime. This means they can analyze data even after store hours or when they are working remotely. This keeps owners updated about the pulse of their business. This helps them optimize their investment and enables them to take wise business decisions.

Customers can also download Loyera app to benefit from store offers and loyalty rewards. They can receive e-receipts from stores, check their purchase log, and receive and avail discounts and rewards from customers.

Customers can leave feedback regarding store’s products and services to help them improve their offering. They can also educate stores about customer requirement, so that stores can optimize their inventory.

Easy and Free setup with Loyera

Loyera POS can be easily set up and installed. It is free to use.

Using convenience store management software gets easy with Loyera, as its POS app can be installed even on a mobile phone, eliminating the need to spend a lot of money on installing a full range of hardware.

Loyera can be used by any staff member with minimum guidance, as its interface is easy to use. Loyera billing software for convenience stores helps set up various outlets managed under the same name. One can create staff and manager profiles to track their contribution to sales.

With Loyera, retail management becomes a very straightforward process.

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