Designing and running a customer rewards program has been simplified by the advent of loyalty management software solutions. These systems not only assist businesses in designing reward strategies for their loyalty customers, but also help in communicating and promoting offers and discounts. This is a crucial feature as sending promotional emails to existing customers using a Customer Loyalty Program Software system can help boost product sales and bolster customer engagement. Let’s take a look at some of the rules you should follow while drafting promotional and marketing emails for customers:

Clear and Simple Subject

Do not try to get extra creative in the subject line and stick to tried and tested openers. Keep it simple and honest, and do not promise something that the contents of the email do not offer. If, however, you are sending a newsletter or a collection of blogs, it would be best to label it honestly and clearly. Remember, an interesting and direct email subject will ensure that your customers actually open the email to read it and don’t ignore it.

Personalised Greeting

Gone are the days where starting a promotional email with ‘Dear Customer/Shopper’ was acceptable. When collecting the email id and phone number of your customers, make sure you save their name as well, in order to personalise every bit of promotional and marketing information. Studies have shown that salutations and openers with names and personal greetings are much more effective than generic ones. You may begin the email by talking about the recent holidays, festivals, or events in order to pique curiosity and establish a connection.


Minimal Text and a Relevant Image

Do not bombard your customers with a wall of text or a collage of images. Ideally, use one single high-quality image, alongside a crisp and well-structured text sentence. The text should be used to explain the terms and conditions of the offer and encourage shoppers to avail the same. The accompanying image should be relevant to the offer and, if possible, display the product on sale. Do not forget to thank your customers for their loyalty and trust!

One Prominent CTA Button

Promotional and marketing emails should have one prominent Call-to-Action button that redirects your shoppers to the Customer Loyalty Program Software login portal/mobile app. The button should be displayed towards the end of the email text and can be the last element before the sign-off. You may also use a coupon code as the CTA button. Also, make sure you check that the link is working just as it should be before sending out the email to your customers.

All said and done, using an intelligent and cloud-based Customer Loyalty Program Software system, like Loyera, can help businesses effortlessly store, manage, and analyse customer information for promotional and marketing purposes. In addition to loyalty program solutions, Loyera offers hardware-independent POS and e-commerce solutions as well. To know more about how you and your brand can benefit from Loyera, get in touch with us today!

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