Building a Customer Loyalty Program is one of the most effective strategies for expanding businesses to reach new milestones quickly. It is a great way to ensure that customers who like your products and services keep coming back. Doesn’t matter if you have a cosy and quaint cafe or an upscale hair salon. If you want to give your customers a reason to keep visiting you again, you better know everything about how customer loyalty programs work.

Here’s something to get you started:

What is a customer loyalty program?

A customer loyalty program is a strategic arrangement that rewards frequent customers with discounts, offers, and other benefits. Thus, customer loyalty programs are designed to ensure that regular clientele at a business remains loyal to the brand. The same is motivated by offering them special sales, free merchandise and new product information. This ensures the continued the usage of the product or service. In essence, customer loyalty programs are special incentive-based and mutually-beneficial relationships between businesses and their customers.


But do customer loyalty programs actually work?

Leaders in every industry, from fashion to retail, e-commerce to automobiles, fast food to salons, all have a robust loyalty rewards program in place. Such customer loyalty rewards programs have been proven to increase the frequency with which customers make purchases. Customer loyalty programs have stood the test of time and have catapulted brands from oblivion to global recognition.


Okay, so how do customer loyalty programs work?

Typically, you need to begin with adding your customers to a database with unique information and identify which ones frequent your business – using their phone number, a membership ID, or customer loyalty cards. A loyalty software will help you maintain this database, keep a track of who your regular customers are, roll out offers and promotions, and help you analyse the actual value your regular customers are adding to your business. You can choose points, tiers, games or any other unique interface ideas for your customers to be rewarded when they make a purchase at your store.


Such sophisticated systems must be expensive and suited for big organisations. Is my business cut-out for this?

Of course it is! The elemental virtue of customer loyalty programs ensures that the basic idea is accessible to all businesses, big and small. All you really need is a loyalty program software and a device, like a mobile phone, to operate that software. You can encourage your customers to sign up for the same, and interact with them on a local, personal and individual level. As a matter of fact, local businesses can offer greater personalisation of products and services, which is a greater advantage.


Alright, I want to give it a shot. How do I get started?

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