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POS software for dry-cleaners

Dry-cleaners, usually, work with local customers who can be retained with good service and regular engagement. Dry-cleaners offer a variety of services and hence require a POS software to record all sale items properly. The recorded data can be studied to understand what customers prefer, and that information can be used to price services well to maximize revenue.

Since dry-cleaners face a lot of competition in the local market, keeping the customers engaged is very important. POS software for dry-cleaners offer promotion tool, which can be used to promote offers and discounts to registered users.

Dry-cleaner POS software are usually expensive to install, and hence it imposes a challenge among small and medium-sized dry-cleaning stores.

Loyera POS software is free to install and use for both small and big businesses. This software offers various features to help dry-cleaners reach their potential.

Best POS practices among dry-cleaners

Dry-cleaners use POS software to record sales, keep a log of payments, and collect customer data. Here’re the best POS practices that are generally followed by dry-cleaners.

  1. Add all services available with their prices to the POS software
  2. Processing orders with details of services and prices
  3. Collecting data of customers to keep them engaged with various sales and informational messages
  4. Seasonal analysis of data to understand what sells more
  5. Maintaining log of orders received to be able to mark them complete when the services are delivered
  6. Discounts given to customers on combinations of services
  7. Loyalty rewards given to customers who return regularly

Loyera POS software is a sophisticated dry-cleaner business management software. It has features that can be customized to undertake the above mentioned best POS practices and more.

  1. Automatic addition of all customer data to the system
  2. Recording and accessing order log
  3. Access to payment log and status
  4. Creation of promotions to send to registered customers through emails and SMSs
  5. Addition of all customized services and their variations to the POS system
  6. Addition of discounts to the system for individual items or on overall bill
  7. Setting up of payment optionscash, debit/credit card, PayPal, and credit
  8. Rewarding loyalty points to customers on every purchase
  9. Parking and retrieving orders at point of sale to ensure that incomplete orders can be picked right from where they were left
  10. Analysis of sales and customer data

Benefits of Loyera for dry-cleaners and their customers

Loyera POS software helps both dry-cleaners and their customers receive value from every transaction made.

Dry-cleaners are able to record customer data, which is used to keep them engaged and offer them services and prices that satisfies customers and helps maximize revenue for businesses. Loyera POS can be used on any computer or mobile device, eliminating the need to spend a lot on hardware required to set up POS.

Products and services can be managed in the POS software to ensure that every sale made is recorded properly. Customizable product categories, sub-categories and attributes in Loyera help dry-cleaners to create a POS environment that is relevant and efficient.

Loyera billing software for dry-cleaners allow businesses to efficiently record every sale and map them to individual customers, so that individual customer behaviour can be studied to offer them desired value.

With this billing software for dry-cleaners, businesses can keep a track of money received in cash and through other modes of payment. This helps audit sales made and revenue earned.
Customers of dry-cleaners can also download Loyera App to keep a track of their orders. They can download the app on any mobile device. The app helps them check the loyalty points they have earned. They can receive discount offers and other valuable information from dry-cleaners from time to time through the app.

Since Loyera app for shoppers enables customers to purchase products from various merchants, it becomes their one-stop shop for all kinds of items, and hence they and the merchants who sell to them, both get benefited.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera POS can be installed by dry-cleaners on any computer or mobile devices. The software is free to install and use. Loyera POS allows dry-cleaners to quickly set up their business profile with different outlets, unlimited products, customized product categories, and various payment options.

Loyera POS is cloud-based, which enables managers and owners to access the order and payment logs from anywhere, anytime. They can even update products and services remotely. The analysis of data on sales, customers and staff enables owners to formulate strategies to reach business potential.

Businesses can install Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce add-ons to retain customers and book orders online.

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