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Loyalty software for e-commerce businesses

With e-commerce becoming the new way to shop, many e-businesses are setting up, increasing competition in the market.

When shopping online, customers can just click and switch to another store, therefore they should be given a value proposition that they can’t refuse or turn away from. Also, as the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times more than the cost of retaining a customer, e-commerce businesses need to find a way to keep their customers loyal, if they want to sustain in the market.

Loyera Loyalty Software for WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento works seamlessly with e-commerce websites to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged. Loyera’s plugins help in collecting customer and visitor data, automating marketing messages (e-mails, SMS, push notifications, etc.) to bring customers back, creating offers and promotions to engage old and new customers, and rewarding customers to keep them motivated to return.

Loyera saves e-commerce businesses a huge amount of money to develop their loyalty software. It’s not only free to install, but is also free to use.

How to keep e-commerce customers loyal

It is important for e-commerce businesses to find a way to keep their customers engaged, lest they get distracted by a myriad of options available online. The idea is to figure out what works best to keep your customers satisfied.

Here are a few ways to keep customers loyal to e-commerce businesses:

  1. Offer quality products and deliver them as promised
  2. Give good customer service
  3. Extend discounts on various occasions on things your customers are looking for
  4. Give reward points on each purchase, and let customers redeem them on future purchases; increase the reward as customers graduate to a higher tier of loyalty
  5. Send discount coupons to loyal customers
  6. Give loyal customers access to products and discounts that are not yet released
  7. Give CSR donations on purchases customers make, so that the customers who share your values return to make purchases with you to keep contributing
  8. Gamify your reward distribution, e.g. customers can spin a wheel to earn a random reward on each purchase
  9. Offer bonus to bring in referrals

As customers online are highly sensitive, having a loyalty solution for e-commerce websites is critical.

Loyera is a top loyalty app for e-commerce businesses. It has plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart to support loyalty program implementation across platforms. It enables the following loyalty activities:

  1. Automatic addition of customers to the loyalty network, when they make a purchase
  2. Push notifications to inform customers about promotions and discounts
  3. Reward and offer creation for customers
  4. Data to know what your customers have purchased over time
  5. Referral program setup
  6. Set up of branches or sister concern e-commerce websites, so that customers can use earned reward points across all the websites under your brand

A loyalty app for both customers and businesses

Loyera is a loyalty app that delivers value to both e-businesses and shoppers. E-commerce businesses can easily install Loyera plugins and APIs to their websites and apps to instantly start adding customers to the loyalty program network. The vast database gathered through this loyalty program can be used to promote products and offers and get invaluable insight into customers’ purchase behaviour.

Shoppers, on the other hand, can easily install Loyera Loyalty Rewards App to access their purchase history with your e-commerce website, track rewards earned, get instant notifications on offers and discounts, give feedback to merchants, report issues and concerns regarding merchandize or service delivered, and refer new customers to earn bonus.

Easy installation with Loyera plugins

WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart plugins for Loyera are available to easily integrate its rewards software for e-commerce with your website and apps.

E-commerce businesses can save huge sums of money required to develop a loyalty software, and install Loyera’s free loyalty solution. Loyera allows collection of customer data and it offers purchase history of all customers, minimizing your development efforts and cost required for creating a data analysis software.

It can even be easily installed on mobile phones by shoppers to access your products, and loyalty program features and rewards. Above all, Loyera software can be white-labeled to promote your brand name.

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