Education POS Software

POS software for educational service providers

Educational service providers offer services all year round and often market aggressively during admissions. They need a sound point of sale system to process inbound sales, to retain already registered students, and to get referrals and new customers to grow.

Educational institutions like schools, colleges, tuition centres, after-school learning centres, vocational or skill-based learning centres, STEM learning centres and makerspaces require a good POS software to enroll students to create long-term value for the institute and students.

Loyera POS software for educational institutes is accessible to both small and big educational schools, as it Free to use and install and it is customizable. It is hardware independent and hence can be used on any mobile and computer device, making it easy to use throughout an organization.

Best POS practices for educational service providers

Educational service providers like schools and colleges like to use a dynamic POS software that can be customized to their needs and services offered.

Here are a few activities undertaken by educational institutes at their points of sale.

  1. Collect enrollment fees and tuition fees for each semester on timely basis
  2. Send upcoming fee payment reminders to registered users
  3. Send late fee payment reminders to users
  4. In case of skill-based institutes, upselling messages for new and complementary courses are sent
  5. Issue of receipts to students
  6. Various payment options for students including online payment and payment through credit/debit cards
  7. At the time of enrollment, POS keeps track of the number of admission seats available
  8. Payment log helps keep track of complete and pending payment

Loyera POS software for educational institutes has various features that can help businesses realize their business potential and process fee collection efficiently.


  1. Automatic registration of all students in the system
  2. Payment options like cash/cheque, credit/debit card, and PayPal
  3. Setting up of various branches of the school, college or institute
  4. Setting up of teacher and Staff IDs for staff members processing the sales
  5. Rewarding students with loyalty point on timely fee payment; the points can be redeemed against payments to be made in future
  6. Management of available student admission seats with the institute in each subject or course
  7. Easy cloud-based access to sales, payment and student data by staff and owners through mobile apps
  8. Creation of promotions and offers for new and complementary courses for registered students

Benefits of Loyera for educational institutes and students

Loyera billing software for educational institutes and students helps streamline the process of payment collection and admissions.

Educational institutes can add all available courses to the POS software and customize product/service categories, sub-categories, tags and attributes to easily process sales and fee collection.

Each transaction made can be mapped to individual students registered with the institute. New students can be registered with ease. New subjects can be added by managers and at Point of sale.

Staff members have to login with their unique IDs to register before conducting a transaction, helping monitor the activities conducted by each staff member.

Analysis of data on orders, payment and student course purchase behaviour is accessible to staff, managers and owners, so that processes can be optimized and course offerings can be modified to suit the student requirement. Data analysis of students’ preferences also helps understand which courses are to be staffed more than the others.

Loyera education management software helps institutes to maximize their revenues and lessen loopholes in processing of sales.

Students can also download Loyera app to keep track of their pending and processed fee payments. They can receive print and e-receipts from their institute through the app. They can also track their reward points to calculate their future payments, and they can use the reward points through the app to enroll into new courses.

How to get started with Loyera

Getting started with Loyera is easy and free. Educational institutes, big and small, can register with Loyera POS and add all their branches with courses available to immediately start selling. They can even set up staff and teacher IDs to ensure optimal operations.

At the point of sale, staff members can select the courses students pay for, mapping each student to individual orders. This enable educational institutes to receive valuable data on sales and payment status.

Loyera can be installed on any computer or mobile device, enabling a wide access to the cloud-based app by staff members. This ensures that all the sales and fee payments are processed from anywhere, anytime.

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