Being a hotel owner or manager is no easy feat. In a hotel, handling guests and catering to their varied and unique requests, is a all-hands on deck job. But, increasingly, new-age Hotel Loyalty Software tools are making this job easier and much more manageable. Let’s take a look at how this is happening.

Personalization of Experience

Few things take precedence over the ‘experience’ in the hospitality industry. Hotels go all out to cultivate a unique and enjoyable experience for their guests and a key element of this is the personalization of services. Intelligent loyalty software solutions serve as a goldmine for data that can provide insight into customer behaviour, taste, and preferences. By keeping a meticulous record of previous stays and requests, intelligent segregation and filtration tools in your Hotel Loyalty Software can allow hotel owners and managers to roll out a highly personalized experience for regular guests.

The Element of Surprise

Exceeding expectations of your guests is easier with a customer loyalty program for hotels, as you can roll out offers on each step of the journey: when guests sign up for a loyalty program, when they stay for the first time, every nth stay, and so on. Imagine a jet-lagged guest who checks in to find out that his/her room has been upgraded at no extra cost, or a regular businessman guest who gets an X% discount on his tenth visit; if hotels go over and above to overwhelm their loyal guests with rewards, they will further cement their position as a favourite among their guests. 

Useful and Relevant Rewards

The hospitality industry has a unique advantage of offering the most relevant and useful rewards to their guests. Families, couples, and groups of tourists who are vacationing can be offered a curated list of places to visit, discounted cab services, passes and tickets to special events, or even something as simple as a free breakfast buffet. If your guests feel that you actually care about their vacation and experience, they are more likely to recommend your hotel to others and also choose you every time they visit the city.


An Exclusive Elite Club

No matter what type of customer rewards program you have designed for your hotel, make sure you have an exclusive and elite club for high-value guests and customers. It will take some balancing act, as you will have to limit the number of members in the club, but simultaneously encourage all your guests to be a part of it. Depending on the scale of your operations, you can set the criteria for entry to the club, but the rewards in the same should be irresistible: free room upgrades, complementary health and salon packages, meal vouchers, free membership to the gymnasium, sports clubs, or VIP lounge.

Non-Hotel Perks

An underutilized strategy that hotels fail to capitalize upon is offering customers non-hotel perks by tying up with credit card companies, airlines, and e-commerce shopping portals. By allowing guests to redeem their points in a manner of their choice, you will be incentivising them to choose your hotel every time they travel to your city. If you offer a co-branded program, choosing a points-based customer rewards program for your hotel is the best approach. This follows the simple and fundamental rule of loyalty programs that redemption of points should be as easy as possible. 

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