With the number of loyalty solutions in the market today, it is challenging to find the perfect Loyalty Rewards Software for your business. This challenge becomes even more complex if you are dabbling with loyalty management software for the very first time. If you are equipped with the basic knowledge and feature of customer loyalty software, the process of identifying the one that best suits your business needs becomes very easy.

Let’s take a look at some of the most essential features that any loyalty software must come with:


Customer Profile

In order to enhance transparency and cultivate customer trust, every Loyalty Rewards Software must have a dedicated customer interface in the form of a profile. This profile must include sections for timeline-based record of all the activity undertaken by the customer, current offers and deals, social sharing, location-based search, and customer support. Your customer should be able to access their information and activity directly, as this goes a long way in keeping them engaged with the loyalty program.


Instant Notifications

An aggregator of customer contact information, any loyalty management software must allow direct and instant communication of offers and discounts to the customers. Depending on the device used by the customer, these can take the form of push notifications, SMS or email. This feature offers a great advantage to promote flash sales, limited-period offers and target customers who are in the vicinity.


Automated Actions

Any loyalty software should be able to set up automatic actions based on predefined rules. Most of these actions relate to marketing and promotional campaigns. For instance, you should be able to set up periodic automated email campaigns or engagement offers for your customers. The software must have an automated reply to actions like successful referral registration, prolonged user inactivity, soon-to-expire offer and so much more. This takes the hassle of continually engaging with your customers off of your hands, as you can define the action needed for a pre-defined situation.



One of the most important ways in which a customer loyalty program grows is by referrals. Your Loyalty Rewards Software should invariably be able to allow your customers to bring their friends and acquaintances on board, and if possible, also be rewarded for the same. Customer referral can be made easy by the integration of social media profiles on the loyalty platform, thereby allowing you to make the best use of social connections of your customers.


Personalized Marketing

Marketing customized offers that are based on customer behavior and choices are much more effective than offering the same rewards to all. By segmenting your audience based on activity, age, birthdays, anniversaries, the frequency of visit, and product preference, you can offer them a deal that they wouldn’t be able to refuse! Your loyalty software must offer you custom ways to segregate customers and then appeal to them in a much more relevant manner.


Feedback and Surveys

Businesses need feedback in order to improve their services and keep the customers happy. However, most businesses struggle to elicit genuine feedback from their customers. Using your loyalty management software, you should be able to ask your regular customers their opinion on your products and services. To ensure a high participation rate, you may consider offering reward points, a discount or a freebie in return for the same.


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