Event Management Loyalty Software

Loyalty Software for Event Management Companies

Event companies face fierce competition in both organized and unorganized sectors.

Their clientele including independent customers and businesses have a myriad options in the market to choose from.

To keep customers loyal, one has to think about their customers’ pain points. What is it that will make their customers feel satisfied? What motivates customers to return to book an event with the same company in the future? Event managers not only have to answer these questions but also offer value propositions and formulate communication strategies to enable a streamlined method of service delivery, as per the requirement of the customers.

Loyera offers a consolidated loyalty program that requires no installation cost. It can simply be installed on any device, including a mobile phone, making it easy for sales people to add customers and contacts to the loyalty network.

Best Practices for A Loyalty Program for Event Companies

Event companies must offer a suite of services that cover all the event-based requirements of its clientele. They have to keep up with the changing trends and offer updated services.

Here are a few factors that can define customer loyalty when it comes to Event management market:

  1. Latest service portfolio with services that are in trend
  2. A wide range of quality services, so that customers do not have to deal with multiple vendors
  3. Discount on additional events in the same year
  4. Extra credit and payment time to loyal businesses and independent customers
  5. Communication about new services and offers
  6. Feedback collection from customers to resolve service issues and identify pain points
  7. Referral bonus for advocating customers

Loyalty program features like this and a good loyalty software to support such features can help an event manager to retain customers, get referrals, and increase customer lifetime value.

Loyera offers a loyalty solution for event management companies that can help you follow best practices for loyalty management. Here are a few things that Loyera loyalty app will allow you to do:


  1. Get feedback from customers on services
  2. Give reward points to customers on payments made
  3. Give bonus rewards on referrals
  4. Send offers and new service notifications to customers
  5. Give incentives to customers to reach a higher tier of loyalty to get more benefits and discounts

Loyera offers a wholesome loyalty program software that is easy to install and free to set up.

Loyalty Software for Event Management Businesses and Customers

Loyera is a 360-degree loyalty management solution for event businesses. It allows easy set up, and can be used for marketing, customer retention, gaining referrals, getting feedback, analyzing user data, etc.

Businesses can use Loyera’s cloud-based app on any device, including a mobile phone, and add customers instantly. Event management loyalty software requirements like awarding of reward points and their redemption is also fulfilled by Loyera.

A loyalty rewards program for event management companies requires streamlining of data and its usage. Loyera allows you to add customer data even when you are offline. It syncs the data to its cloud-based database when the connection is re-established, so that all the employees and customers are on the same page, all the time.

Customers can download and install the app on their mobile phones to easily track their service history, reward points and milestones. They can discover your new services and give you feedback through the app.

With Loyera, a constant stream of communication can be established between event companies and their regular patrons to increase the scope of future business and higher customer satisfaction.


Instant Set Up and Use of Loyera

One of the biggest advantages of Loyera is that it can be instantly set up with no additional cost.

Event management businesses do not have to spend on dedicated devices, computers and related accessories to access this loyalty rewards software. Event managers can even install this app on mobile phones to add and manage loyalty customers.

Loyera loyalty rewards solution for event management helps deliver value. It even helps gain value in terms of wider loyal customer base, increased referrals and higher customer lifetime value. All this can be accessed instantly upon installation of Loyera.

It is an easy-to-use and intuitive app that can help your business reach its potential.

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