Event Management POS Software

POS Software for Event Management Companies

Event management companies have to streamline their sales and operations to ensure that they have an efficient business ecosystem that satisfies customers and increases revenue.

Small and big event management companies need POS software to streamline activities like sales, entry management, marketing, invoicing, point of sale servicing, ticketing, feedback collection, etc.

Loyera POS is a free POS software for event management companies. It can be installed on computer and mobile devices and hence can be used by sales staff at various levels of the organization.

Loyera can be customized for event management business’ products and services, so that each sale can be conducted smoothly and that management of all operations can be integrated at one place. Loyera POS offers analytical abilities to managers by offering rich data on customer behaviour, best-selling products, payments and pricing.

Best POS practices

Event management companies use comprehensive POS software, so that all their departments are on the same page, as soon as an order is booked. To have satisfied customers, it is essential to deliver an event smoothly, market it well, and collect payments swiftly.

Here are a few best POS practices undertaken by event management companies:

  1. Entry management to the event
  2. Venue management with product management features of POS
  3. Registration of event tickets or passes
  4. Marketing of events and services to previously registered B2B and B2C customers
  5. Scanning of tickets at event entry
  6. Sending print or e-invoices to customers
  7. Management of merchandise
  8. Collecting feedback from B2B and B2C customers

Loyera is a hardware-independent, cloud-based billing software for event management companies. It can be customized and scaled to meet the requirements of a business. Loyera event management POS software helps implement the above best practices, with its sophisticated features:


  1. Customizable products and service categories
  2. Unlimited service addition with prices and details
  3. Set up of various payment options
  4. Set up of various branches and staff IDs
  5. Addi and manage inventory
  6. Access to analytics about orders, payments, products sold, etc.
  7. Issue of invoices in print and electronic format
  8. Loyalty add-on to reward loyal customers
  9. Ecommerce add-on to take orders and bookings online
  10. Create discounts and offers for customers
  11. Get referrals from satisfied customers
  12. Park and retrieve unfinished orders

Benefits of Loyera for event managers and their customers

Event management companies can use Loyera to optimize sales, manage customer loyalty, sell services online, market services, engage customers, see orders through deliver, payment collection, etc.

The product management features of Loyera can be used to add tickets or event slot inventory to the system. Event managers can customize service categories, so that the POS software can be used easily at points of sale and is more relevant for the business.

The order management features of Loyera allow point of sale staff to track purchases and payments, received cash, card or online payment, give discounts, etc. This enables having a smooth order and checkout process.

The set up system allows managers to set up various branches of businesses with their staff IDs, so that all the business activities can be managed or supervised centrally.

Loyalty reward points can be given to regular customers to ensure that are retained in long-term. Services can be sold online to cater to a larger audience.

Loyera POS helps highlight event management companies on the local business map. This is a great way to promote to a large database of customers looking for services offered by event managers.

Customers can download Loyera app to track their orders, payments and loyalty reward points.


How to get started with Loyera

Event management POS software from Loyera can be set up without any cost of software or dedicated hardware. It has an intuitive interface and hence does not require much training of staff.

Loyera event management POS software can be installed on computer or mobile devices at points of sale. Various branches of an event management business can be set up in the system. Inventory of dates, available slots, or tickets can be added to the system. After adding at least one business branch and service, businesses can start selling using Loyera.

Its cloud-based database can be accessed by managers and owners from anywhere, anytime to know the pulse of their business and to take sound business decisions based on data analytics.

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