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Loyalty program for ticket sellers

Event ticket sellers have to spend a lot of effort and money on promotion of performances, events and shows. One way for event and show organisers to get regular sales is to have a base of loyal customers.

It is challenging for event and show ticket sellers to retain customers from one show to another and to motivate them to come with friends or recommend a show to others.

Even if one has a loyalty program, it is costly for organizers to install a loyalty software for event and show ticket selling, unless one is working on a large scale with a high annual revenue.

Loyera is a loyalty software for event and show ticket sellers. It is hardware-independent and cloud-based, which means that it can be used on any device, including a mobile phone and can be used from any location to make loyalty management easier and effective.

Best practices to retain customers for events and shows

Event and show ticket sellers have to be very creative in selling tickets to the same customers again and again. They have to offer new content and services and ensure that people derive value in returning or recommending others.

Here are a few ways Event and Tickets sellers use to retain their valuable customers:

  1. Identify the kind of content and services customers prefer, and offer more of that
  2. Offer supplementary products and services to increase basket size of customers, e.g. cinema halls sell popcorn and snacks to increase revenue
  3. Offer reward points to customers on every purchase
  4. Offer free tickets after 10 shows or events attended
  5. Give bonus to customers who get additional attendees or refer events to other people
  6. Offer free upgrades to patrons on reaching a reward point threshold
  7. Have premium loyalty tiers for customers, which gives them aspiration to purchase more to get more benefits

Loyera loyalty software solution for Event and Show Ticket sellers is equipped with various features that help retain customers and attract new ones.

Here are a few ways Loyera can help businesses reach their full potential through a loyalty program.

  1. Create tier-based loyalty program for customers to increase their lifetime value
  2. Send regular offer and promotion notifications to customers to keep them updated and remind them of your services
  3. Offer rewards to customer for every referral they introduce to the business
  4. Give reward benefits on every purchase and redemption of benefits in terms of ticket credit

Loyera for ticket sellers and patrons

Loyera creates value for all. Ticket sellers and patrons can use various features of Loyera to get benefits on purchases and other activities.

Ticket sellers can automatically add all attendees to their loyalty network. All online and offline customers are added to the database. The data can be used to market future events and shows. Ticket sellers can also also promote offers and discounts to the same network.

Event and show organizers can offer value by giving rewards on referrals and achieve their goals of getting more customers and sales. Tier-based rewards can be given through Loyera to ensure that customers are motivated to avail business’ services more often.

Loyera offers valuable data analysis, so that ticket sellers can optimize their service and reward offerings to attract customers. Businesses can also enable customers to share their experience on social media, so that more customers can be engaged.

Customers benefit from Loyera by keeping a track of their rewards. They can receive updates on offers and new shows promoted by the seller. They can also refer others and earn reward benefits. Through Loyera, it gets easier for customers to get value out of each purchase.

Free set up and use of Loyera

Loyera app and plugins can be set up by businesses without incurring any hardware or software installation cost. It can be used on any device, including a mobile phone.

It can even be integrated on Woocommerce, WordPress, OpenCart and Magento e-commerce platforms through Loyera loyalty plugins.

Loyera rewards software solution is easy to use and intuitive, and allows sellers to add all business outlets to the network with their relevant staff member IDs, so that effective and business-wide implementation of the loyalty program can be done to get the best results.

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