Event & Show Tickets POS Software

POS software for Event and Show ticket sellers

Event and show ticket sellers deal with a lot of customers at different time slots, for different seat categories. They usually prefer a POS software that allows them to record the shows, services and events they are hosting with their multi-price points.

Small and Big event and show ticket sellers find it challenging to find a reasonably priced POS software that can be customized to their needs.

Loyera POS software for event and show ticket sellers can be installed and used for free. It can be used on any computer or mobile device, eliminating the cost of purchasing dedicated hardware to run the program.

Loyera POS can be used by cinema halls, theatres, theme parks, conferences, exhibitions, etc. in any industry, as all the product/service categories and their attributes can be customized as per the requirement of the business.

Best POS practices for event and show ticket sellers

Businesses selling tickets and passes require a good POS software to ensure that all their sales are properly recorded and analyzed over time, so that managers can undertake revenue and customer relationship management optimally.

Here are a few ways in which event and show ticket selling POS software are used to get the best business results:

  1. Collecting customer data for marketing and analysis
  2. Revenue management as per seasonal and event demand
  3. Client relationship management by sending promotions to registered clients
  4. Event booking by selling different ticket categories at different prices
  5. Customer loyalty management by giving rewards and discounts
  6. Staff management as per the sales made at an event or show
  7. Integration with property management software, to manage inventory and operations

Loyera POS features support the above best practices in the industry and enable businesses to reach their sales and revenue potential.


  1. Easy set up of multiple outlets, staff IDs, payment methods and devices
  2. Hardware independence–can be used on mobile devices
  3. Cloud-based database
  4. Customizable product categories, tags, attributes, prices, service charge, taxes and more.
  5. Loyalty add-on to reward points to registered customers, and to give them other loyalty benefits
  6. E-commerce add-on to sell tickets and passess online
  7. Addition of all customers to the database
  8. Analysis of customer and sales data to optimize product offering and prices
  9. Access to order and payment logs to assess sales, successfully complete orders, and receive payments successfully
  10. Issue of print and e-receipts
  11. Receiving payments in cash and through cards and e-transfers
  12. Parking and retrieving unfinished orders

Benefits of Loyera for event and show ticket sellers and customers

Loyera POS can be used to optimize sales and revenue of businesses. Loyera can be set up easily for a business and its outlets.

Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy to implement across an organisation without much training. It is cloud-based, enabling managers to access POS data from anywhere, anytime.

Its order management features allow point-of-sale staff to process all ticket and pass sales with efficiency. Staff members can add services not in the system, they can easily select the categories and events customers are interested in, with the number of units they wish to purchase. Discounts can also be given while processing orders. Checking out customers becomes efficient and fast.

Product management features allow managers to manage inventory and revenue. Product and service categories ranging from tickets to food & beverage can be added to the POS billing software for event and show ticket sellers. This enables sales staff to record all sales with their payment modes and map them to individual clients.

Customers can also download Loyera App to track their ticket or pass orders made online and offline. They can access their payment logs and e-receipts. They can also track the reward points they have earned and accumulated over time.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera POS is a great event and show ticket management software, as it is easy to use, customizable, scalable, and efficient. It can be installed on any computer or mobile device, and is free to use.

Managers can set up loyera for their event, theatre, cinema, conference and exhibition businesses in no time. Multiple outlets of a business can be set and products and services can be added in Loyera POS to instantly start selling.

Real-time order, payment, staff and revenue data is easily accessible to managers from anywhere, anytime.

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