Customers often have their favourite items that they like to buy with you. However, it’s great that customers return often to purchase favourite items with your every time, but how do you get more juice from your loyal customer base?

Send offers and promotional messages

Your loyalty software should allow you to create and send notifications and messages to users about various offers and discounts, from time to time.

 This is especially beneficial during slow sale time or when you want to clear old stock. This helps increase customer lifetime value, and even encourages them to buy more in the discount period.

You can even allow loyal customers to have an early-start on the discount, so that they feel privileged and get more benefit for being loyal to your store.

Give bonus on referrals

This does not directly increase the basket size of a customers, but helps increase the sales of the store. You can offer rewards to customers to encourage their friends and family to purchase from your store.

In some products’ cases, e.g. when recharging a phone or paying electricity bills, you can give bonus to customers when they pay on someone else’s behalf.

There may be many other creative solutions to increase basket size of customers, but it’s always better to leverage existing loyalty rewards software to do that, as loyalty software backed with abundant user data always gives a jump start to any marketing effort.

Give free stuff they wouldn’t normally buy

Give reward points to customers on their regular purchases, but allow them to redeem those points on everything except the best-selling items. This will encourage them to try out new things with you and expand their purchase basket size.

Don’t go overboard to block all their preferred items from the reward redemption list. They should have some likeable items to encourage them to be loyal in the first place.

Give online product catalogue to customers

Allow customers to see or learn about everything you sell. Sometimes customers are not even aware of the products you have in stock.

Therefore, you can use your loyalty software data to send customers newsletters about new products or full product catalogues from time to time, so that they can know your offering better and can purchase more things they like.

Allow discounts on items bought for the first time

With a good loyalty software, you can track purchase history of customers, and offer them discounts or cash back on items they purchase for the first time.

This motivates customers to try new things and helps the store to gradually increase their customer basket size.

Give time-bound offers on basket of items

You can notify and allow loyal customers to avail discounts on basket or combination of items. This helps club best-selling products with not so hot products in the store, and it even allows customers to save money and be encouraged to make a purchase in the time limit available to them.

Use customer data to manage product offering

Stores and businesses can use customer loyalty and purchase data from their loyalty rewards software to know what they customers like to purchase, when they purchase what, and what motivates them to return to the store or buy more.

A. Visual merchandising optimization

User data can be very useful in placing products in the store. Complementary products can be placed next to the products customers purchase. Preferred products can be placed at the end of the aisle, to allow customers to see all things offered by the store.


B. Purchase reminders

Customer data can also be used to see when customers are making certain purchases. Reminders can be sent to them around that time. 

C. Loyalty management

Learn what rewards are motivating customers to return to the store or purchase more. Managers can experiment with a few methods and find one that appeals to their customers the most.

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