POS software are generally installed by spending large sums on money on subscribing to a good POS software, purchasing extensive hardware, and training staff members on POS usage.

These expenses can be avoided if you choose a paid or free billing software that is flexible and scalable.

Here are a few features that your chosen point of sale software should have to make it cost-effective in the long run, while you start, run or expand your business.

Free or freemium billing software

Software like Loyera are free to install and use. They can be used by small and large businesses to process sales and streamline business activities without incurring any initial software cost. Such software also enable small businesses to scale up by spending very little money on hardware and software upgradation.

Free POS software allow small businesses to access essential POS features at no cost, saving a lot of their operational cost. For big businesses, free software are a great way to test the waters before diving in for a full-feature software.


Point of sale software like Loyera are hardware-independent, which means that they can be installed on mobile devices, too, besides being compatible with computers. This gives small and large business flexibility to use existing mobile devices or dedicated mobile or computer devices to process sales and integrate different departments.

Mobile POS software solutions enable efficient sales processing, and they also cost-effectively help integrate inventory management, order management, product management, analysis, etc.


Businesses can go for a cloud-based software that enables managers and staff to access valuable user and sales data from anywhere, anytime. This saves valuable time of managers and owners and helps them take important business decisions as per scientific and real-time data.

Cloud-based data also ensures that all the data is collected and updated for all in real time. This keeps all the departments on the same page without having to spend on expensive collaboration tools.

Customisable and scalable

Businesses should always go for a customisable and scalable POS software, so that they can customise products and product categories to make their software interface more relevant to their business. Customization also helps in generating relevant data from the software.

Scalability of POS software is essential to ensure that when the business expands and grows in the future, the software used on points of sale can accommodate the growth of products, locations, customers, and data.

Multiple outlets option

Many POS software allow businesses to set up more than one outlet of their business using one POS account. This enables owners to monitor sales of all their outlets from one central location. It is imperative to have a unique access to how all the locations or outlets of a business are performing, so that essential management time is saved.

This also enables businesses to scale up by spending a little incremental money, limiting the overall cost of scaling up for businesses. Multiple outlet features of POS also help businesses retain their loyal clients who use like to use your services across a wide region.

Easy-to-use interface

No training of staff is required, if you are using a modern mobile-based POS software. Many POS software can be operated on Android and iOS-based devices which are used by people on day-to-day basis, and hence staff members finds it easy to operate App and software interface that they are familiar with.

Staff training can be really costly, if your POS software is complicated to use. Some businesses use customer-operated POS software for self-ordering. This helps cut a lot of manpower cost for businesses.

These features are essential to have in your POS software, so that you do not end up spending a lot of money while setting up or expanding your business.

There are paid, freemium and free billing software available in the market, which help businesses save a lot of money during installation and implementation.

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