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Loyalty software for fashion stores

Fashion stores gain loyalty of buyers by offering good and latest merchandise, value for money, and good service. It is easy for fashion stores to satisfy customers and turn them into loyal customers and even advocates of the store. However, with so many big and small brands, both online offline, in the market, it gets challenging to attract customers and retain them over time.

Loyalty softwares like Loyera help fashion stores create a chain of value deliverables for customers to ensure that they remember the fashion store every time they have to make a purchase relevant to the store.

With Loyera, fashion stores can automatically add customers to their loyalty network and send them offers and discounts besides New Collection notifications to invite them back to the store from time to time.

Ways to retain customers for fashion stores

Fashion stores have to offer the latest merchandize, as per their customers’ requirements.

A fashion store loyalty software is equipped with features to offer value to customers in various ways. Here are a few best practices for fashion loyalty programs:

  1. Offer reward points on the amount of money spent by shoppers
  2. Give 20% discount to customers on one purchase ticket in their birthday month
  3. Give pre-sale access to discounted prices to loyalty customers
  4. Send notifications on latest collections to customers to allow them access to the new stock
  5. Let customers give feedback on services and products easily
  6. Allow easy return and exchange
  7. Have authentic season-end sales
  8. Offer all sizes and styles that your regular customers prefer

Besides undertaking these activities, stores can offer in-store assistance and trials to customers to make purchasing easy for shoppers. The smoother their purchase experience goes, the more likely they are to return to the store.

Loyera is a fashion store loyalty software, that enables stores to optimize their offering to ensure that customers return, buy more and refer new shoppers.

Loyera enables businesses to:

  1. Give loyalty programs to customers on purchases
  2. Set up loyalty program across various outlets of the fashion store, so that shoppers can avail benefits across outlets
  3. Send offers and promotions to shoppers through notifications on their phones
  4. Automatically add customers to the loyalty network
  5. Get user data and analyze it to understand customer behaviour and preferences to strategize better

Loyera benefits for fashion stores and shoppers

Fashion stores can easily set up their loyalty program, as Loyera is hardware-independent. Its app can even be installed on a mobile phone.

This allows loyalty reward programs for fashion stores to be implemented across outlets and branches. Staff members can be added to the loyalty account, so that their contribution to adding new customers to the program and enabling customer to avail benefits can be tracked. This can be used to keep staff members motivated.

Local fashion stores rely heavily on word-of mouth marketing. Therefore, they should allow satisfied customers to share their experience on social media and with their peers. It is also essential to study the behaviour of customers. Loyera loyalty solution for fashion stores offers user data that can be analyzed to create an optimal offering in the future.

Shoppers can also easily install Loyera loyalty rewards app on their mobile phone. This helps them find products available at the store, get rewards on their purchases, and receive offers and discounts from the fashion store.

Loyal customers can easily track the reward points they have earned and how they can redeem them to get the best value. Shoppers can also track their purchase history with a store to plan and streamline their spending in the future.

Set up with no cost

It is easy to set up Loyera at fashion stores and on shoppers’ mobile devices.

Loyera reward app for fashion stores requires no dedicated device like a computer or laptop, besides the gamut of peripherals required with them like wifi connection, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Loyera can be installed on any device. It can even work on a mobile phone, and hence can be used across all branches of the store and by all its employees.

Loyera’s easy branch and staff setup can help you manage the loyalty program across your entire business.

The user and employee data offered by Loyera can help optimize the value you offer to customers and manage your staff to get the best results.

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