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Use of POS software for fashion stores

Fashion stores have to keep updating their products and categories they offer to customers. They also get customers from a very wide target audience. Therefore, it it essential for fashion stores to have a customizable POS software that allows them to efficiently carry out sales, inventory management and staff monitoring.

Fashion stores ought to move their products fast to stock the latest merchandise. A good POS software for fashion stores can come handy to recognize the kinds of products a store is able to sell more, the placement of products giving the best results, and the staff members performing optimally.

Loyera POS is designed to easily carry out sales and inventory management for fashion stores. It is Free to install on computer and mobile devices, and is Free to use.

Best POS practices for fashion stores

Fashion stores POS software are populated with store-related products, categories and customer data. Store managers optimize the product categories to ensure that sales go smoothly and that inventory can be planned and managed well.

Here are a few ways Fashion stores use POS software to get the best results for their business:

  1. Add all available products to the POS software
  2. Allow flexible check-in and check-out to the cash register to staff
  3. Set various payment methods at the check-out counters
  4. Track sales delivered by all staff members
  5. Manage stock of each product and keep a check on what needs to be restocked
  6. Analyze sales data and customer preferences

Loyera POS for fashion stores has many features that can add to the productivity of a store’s staff and can optimize their offerings and sales process. Here are a few noteworthy features of this billing software for fashion stores:


  1. Mapping of customers to individual orders
  2. Automatic addition of customer data to the system
  3. Multi-outlet set up
  4. Customization of product categories
  5. Unlimited product upload with their variations, attributes, prices, source vendor, etc.
  6. Give print or send e-receipts to customers
  7. Manage stock of products
  8. Access payment log to assess sales over a period of time
  9. Access order log to understand what was sold to whom and at what time
  10. Analyze data to learn about customer behaviour and identify opportunities to maximize revenue
  11. Create staff IDs to understand which staff member processed the maximum sales

Benefits of Loyera for fashion stores and shoppers

Loyera fashion store management software allows managers to set up POS system in stores at a very less cost, as Loyera is hardware-independent and can be installed on any computer or mobile devices.

Besides less cost, Loyera allows flexibility to merchants to customize product categories, so that staff at point of sale can find relevant products in relevant categories to process sales quickly and efficiently.

Various outlets of a store can be added to the same Loyera account, receipt templates can be set, payment methods can be defined, and staff IDs can be added to the system to have a 360-degree fashion store management software.

With Loyera Loyalty add-on, stores can give reward points to loyal customers on their repeat purchases. Businesses can even sell merchandize online with the help of Loyera E-commerce add on. Inventory for both online and offline stores can be centrally managed.

Shoppers can download Loyera on their mobile phones to get various kinds of benefits. Offers and promotions created by stores can be received through the app. E-receipts can be received and purchase log can be accessed by shoppers with Loyera app.

Installing and Using Loyera for Free

Loyera fashion store billing software can be installed for free on any computer and mobile device. This POS software allows easy business profile setup with single or multiple outlets and unlimited products.

One can attach multiple devices and registers to an account to ensure scalability of business. Managers can create offers and discounts and send notifications about them to registered shoppers through notifications, emails and text messages.

Managers and staff can process sales from any mobile device using Loyera. The data is saved in a cloud and hence is updated on all the devices connected to an account, keeping all the users on the same page.

This 360-degree retail solution enables retention of customers and online selling through its easy-to-integrate Loyalty and E-commerce add-ons.

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