POS software allow small to large-scales businesses to make their sales process efficient and analytical.

When you are looking for a Free POS software, ensure that you are not compromising on your POS goals like engaging and satisfying customers, registering customers in marketing and analytics database, up-selling, cross-selling, and signing up customers for loyalty programs.

You can test the waters befogging investing effort in a Free POS software, as you might not be paying any installation or subscription fee with a free software, but your time invested is equally or more valuable.

Here are a few features your Free POS software should deliver:

Make sales efficient

The main idea of a point of sale software solution is to enable sales staff and customers to make the sales process smooth.

This is done by having all the products in the system, smooth booking and delivery of orders, payment processing, invoice generation, registration of customers with their unique IDs, customizing discounts, etc.


Flexible product management

This enables businesses of all kinds to mould a POS software to meet their sales and business needs. A flexible POS software enables businesses to make the software more relevant to their business activities and management.

Customization of product categories, addition of managers and staff to the POS system, and addition of unlimited products and branches allow businesses to deliver all orders, optimize operations and scale business reach.


A POS software that offers analytics about customer behaviour, payments and products is of great importance for making sound business decisions. Businesses can optimize their product offerings, prices, promotions, and marketing effort as per the behaviour of their customers.

Streamlining supply chain management

A POS software that is integrated with management of vendors, customer loyalty, staff, inventory, product delivery, etc. allows businesses to avoid duplication of effort. This even allows businesses to deliver products and services efficiently and timely, so that customers are fully satisfied.

Integration of staff management

This is an important feature to have in a POS software, as one can maximize sales once they know which staff members or divisions are performing well, which divisions are optimally staffed, and what needs to be changed in staffing to deliver orders and get payments on time.


Inventory Management

Management of inventory in a POS software helps fulfil all the orders placed at the point of sale. This also helps optimize stock to get the maximum revenue.

Free point of sale software like Loyera allow businesses to customize products entries and categories, manage inventory, sell online & offline, manage staff, and manage customer loyalty to maximize returns for businesses.
When you are subscribing to a POS software that is free to install and use, do spend some time knowing how it can support your business in maximizing sales and revenue and streamline operations.

Once you have invested your time and effort in implementing a software, it can become a huge asset for your business, if done well and with full information about the features of the software.

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