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Loyalty Software for Gyms

The competition in the gym and the fitness industry is intensifying at a breakneck speed. With gyms and various fitness classes around every corner, people have many options to choose from. Retaining your customers in such a dynamic environment is extremely challenging. Most customers either switch to other gym studios that offer them better deals or simply change their fitness regime altogether.

The key to sustaining your business in this fitness industry to develop a personalized relationship with your customer. Investing in a gym that has all the facilities and personal trainers are the basic things that you ought to do but building an identity for your business is even better.  Providing a medium to your customers so they can connect with your business. This loyalty program will not only help you to create happy customers but also make them endorse your business within their own networks.

Using the right Loyalty Software for your gym or fitness center can help you build a brand name for your business to help you survive in this business environment. A loyalty program does take a bit of planning but once you have everything set, your customers are likely to stay with you for a longer period than you imagined.


What Keeps Your Customers Motivated?

If you own or run a fitness studio, you must know how to prevent your clients from ditching you for another fitness options. You can do many things to achieve this, but what should be on top of your list?

1. Reward your customers each time they refer you to a new client.
2. Reward points can be both monetary and non-monetary; a free personal session with the best trainer in your gym or discount on products.
3. Offer discounts for renewing the gym subscription to stop them from switching.
4. Let customers redeem their point for premium services such as spa and sauna.

Retaining your customers is the way to sustain your business rather than concentrating only on getting new ones on board. Make sure you give importance to customers are loyal to your business. There is a world full of options that you can do to retain your customers, choosing the right one is in your hands.

A Loyalty Solution That Benefits Everyone

An intelligent Customer Loyalty Programs for Gyms and Fitness Centers must be designed in a manner to benefit both you and your customers. It is a way of staying connected to your customer at all times. A customer should never feel that the reward program is only benefitting you and not them.

Loyera is a loyalty solution for gyms and fitness centers that has proven to be an effective medium growth. This software helps you build a brand name in the market. This loyalty software is cloud-based which will help you get a 360-degree view of the customer activities. Based on the history of customer activity, you can send them personalized offers which may attract them more than the daily offers. You can now become the local champion of your locality by simply getting access to the client data that lives around your gym through the Merchant Application.

Members can enjoy personalized offers from the gyms that are close to their locations. The member application gives customers access to their purchase history, loyalty balances and current offers. Through the dynamic app built by Loyera, members can be the first to learn about new offers through real-time updates. Members can choose to redeem their point on any service they like to, worldwide.

Register Your Business With Loyera

Rewards Program for Gyms and Fitness Centers can result in obvious benefits, such as increases in purchase frequency, average order value, and customer lifetime value. Merchants can additional benefits such as – encrypted messages, analytics support, personalized marketing campaigns, location-based offerings, push notifications, returning customer discounts, hassle-free management of the new/existing customer accounts, tracking customer activity, and many more. Simply register your business with Loyera and built your loyalty program with the help of our experts. Ask your customers to download the member app where they can get real-time updates of all the deals and promotions that you are offering.

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