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POS software for fitness centres

Fitness centres depend on their regular customer to sustain and grow. Fitness centres must engage their customers to ensure that they renew their subscription to the services and save the money spent on acquiring new customers.

Revenue management to maximize revenue and inventory management are other aspects that Fitness centres should streamline to ensure they reach their business potential. Small-scale fitness, health, and wellness centres and clubs find it challenging to subscribe to expensive POS software that offer value to them and their customers.

Loyera POS software for fitness centres is free to use and install. This efficient software is hardware-independent, and is accessible to small as well as large-scale fitness centres. Extending sophisticated features inclding manage revenue, customer loyalty, e-commerce, inventory and point of sale, Loyera is certainly making a way to make enhance the everyday operations of fitness centres.


Best POS practices For Fitness Centres

Fitness centres use POS software to streamline their sales, customer relationship management, customer loyalty and revenue and inventory management.

Here are a few best practices followed by Fitness centres that help them achieve business goals:

  1. Record customer data for CRM and marketing
  2. Customer relationship management by sending personalised messages and offers
  3. Revenue management by studying sales over a period of time
  4. Management of inventory by selling available slots of fitness classes
  5. Managing customer loyalty by giving rewards, discounts, etc.
  6. Engaging customers by sending useful information, user guides, health and fitness articles, etc.
  7. Reminding users to renew subscription before month-end to get a discount

Loyera POS is a cloud-based billing software for fitness centres, which can be installed at multiple outlets of a fitness studio. Loyera POS helps implement all the above best practices followed by fitness centres. Loyera  software has various features which can be used by fitness studios to maximize sales and get the best business results:


  1. Automatic addition of all customers to the database
  2. Promotion creation and marketing to registered customers
  3. Easy-to-use point of sale user interface
  4. Inventory management with the help of product management features
  5. Addition of all services with their variations, prices, details, etc. in the system
  6. Easy processing of sales at point of sale
  7. Payment processing through cash, debit & credit card, and Paypal
  8. Issuing of print and e-receipts to fitness centre clients
  9. Loyalty-add on to retain customers
  10. E-commerce add-on to allow customers to subscribe to and pay for services online

Benefits of Loyera for Fitness centres and customers

Fitness centres including gyms, dance studios, pilates & yoga studios and health & wellness clubs need a POS software that can help streamline sales and optimize operations.
Loyera POS offers various benefits to fitness centres and allow them to set up multiple outlets, staff IDs and different payment options.

The product management sections allows fitness centres to customize all their services. Fitness studios can customize categories, sub-categories and names of services offered. In addition, prices, variations and available number of slots for a service can be added to the system.

The order management section allows health and fitness centres to process sales with ease. The user interface of Loyera is very intuitive and hence can be used by staff members with no or less training.

This fitness centre management software is cloud-based, and hence it can be used by all users and managers from various locations, while all the data is update on the cloud, keeping everybody on the same page.

Loyera POS puts fitness centres on a local map, marketing their services to a wide local market at no cost, which is ideal for business banking on customers located in a set territory.

Loyera app can be downloaded by fitness centre customers to receive updates and promotions from their fitness centres. Customers can track their loyalty points, e-receipts, and services subscribed through the app. They can also discover all the services offered by the fitness centre.

How to get started with Loyera

To set up Loyera, fitness centres can use any computer or mobile devices, as the software is hardware-independent. The apps can be downloaded and used for free.

After signing up a business on Loyera, managers can add various outlets of the business to the account with staff IDs, to ensure that performance of each outlet can be monitored and managed.

Businesses can now start selling services through Loyera immediately after adding at least one outlet and service. Its user-friendly interface and hardware-independence helps implement use of Loyera POS across the business with ease.

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