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Florists get a lot of orders on daily basis, and they often cater repeatedly to customers in their locality or target region. To be able to stay in the minds of their customers, florists have to do regular marketing and collect customer database, both of which can be quite expensive.

Loyera POS software is free for florists. It can be used to process sales and manage orders, products, revenue, etc. with efficiency. With Loyera, florists can add all their outlets to one system and even integrate their e-commerce website with their POS system, so that entire inventory can be planned and managed centrally. Besides inventory, Loyera POS helps collect valuable customer data, which can be used for cost-effective marketing activities.

Best POS practices for florists

Florists have to work efficiently to be able to plan inventory better and yet fulfill all orders they recieve. This is possible with proper data and analytics from their order log. Florists can grow their business to a wide area if they work systematically and automate some of their operations and processes.

Here are a few best practices undertaken by florists using POS software:

  1. Products are added to the POS system as per availability of flowers and other products with florists
  2. Inventory is regularly updated in the system to ensure that all the orders are fulfilled
  3. E-commerce is integrated with POS to ensure that all the orders are compiled in one system and can be fulfilled effectively
  4. Customer database is created to ensure that marketing messages can be sent to customers on regular basis
  5. Payment on delivery and online payment is allowed to customers
  6. Mobile POS software is used to process sales on site by delivery staff
  7. Revenue management is done to price products to maximize revenue

Loyera florist POS software has various features that can be used to carry out the above best practices with effectiveness:

  1. Product management features allow florists to add customized bouquets, flowers, gifts, etc. to the system
  2. Order management features enable sales persons to map each order to individual customers
  3. Sales staff can add new customers to the database
  4. Order and payment logs enable managers to assess what is sold when and in what quantity
  5. E-commerce and loyalty add-ons enable florists to sell flowers and other products online and to give rewards to customers

Benefits of Loyera for florists and their customers

Loyera POS software for florists streamlines sales, operations and marketing activities.

With product management features, florists can customize product categories and products in the POS system, so that the sales process can be made seamless with the help of a relevant and easy-to-use interface.

Order management features allow sales staff to complete orders, take payments through various modes, add products which are not showing in the POS system, and give discounts.

Account management features allow florists to add various outlets of their business to their unique POS account. Managers can access all the data remotely through this cloud-based flower store management software.

With the help of this billing software for florists, sales staff can issue print or e-receipts to customers.

Marketing functions can also be undertaken with the help of Loyera. Managers can create offers and discounts to promote products among existing customers. Loyalty add-on helps reward returning customers and to encourage existing customers to refer new customers to flower businesses.

With the help of e-commerce add-on in Loyera, flower stores can easily sell online to a wider audience. This helps business grow and reach their potential.

How to get started with Loyera

Florist billing software by Loyera can be installed on computer or mobile devices, which helps cut down the cost of installation. This enables small and big florists to use a sophisticated POS software with features that help them automate and streamline their business processes.

Managers can set up various retail outlets in their account and add staff IDs to ensure that HR is able to reach their potential. Analysis of data can be accessed by staff and managers from anywhere, anytime, through cloud-based database of Loyera POS.

To start selling, all one has to do is install Loyera POS on any computer or mobile device, set up an account with at least one outlet and one product.

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