Retail businesses face a real challenge of dealing with long checkout queues during rush hours and days. This can adversely affect the sales of a store.

Long checkout queues can put off customers, making them choose not to go through with a purchase which they had made up the mind to make.

Research in the past has suggested that the ideal checkout time for a retail store should by four minutes or less to keep its customers satisfied.

Quick checkouts are possible with good a paid or free POS software that helps minimise tasks that waste time and automates and organizes various things to make order processing efficient for sales staff.

Therefore, with a good POS system, you can reduce the checkout time for your customers and keep them satisfied.

One of the most efficient POS software includes Loyera, which helps sales staff to checkout each customers in just four steps:

Easily find products with categories and filters

In the Product Management section of Loyera POS, merchandisers can add customized product categories and filters, so that your sales staff can easily search for products purchased by customers in the POS software.

These product categories and filters make the POS software’s user interface easy to use. Sales staff can use Loyera free billing software’s filters to easily add products that customers purchase.

These smart filters also include a Favorite page, which helps sales staff to quickly select products that are frequently purchased by customers. This helps save a lot of time and makes the checkout process quicker.

Find or add customers

One very important thing that Loyera POS does is that it maps each order to an individual customer. This helps collect data on purchase behaviour of each customer.

These are two types of customers at the time of checkout—first includes customers who have purchased with you before and are already registered in your POS system, and the other type includes customers who are not registered in your POS system.

Sales staff can easily map an order to existing customer by searching for their registered mobile number in the system, or they can map the order to a new customer by clicking on Add customer and adding a new customer, including their name and phone number.

Easy payment methods

Loyera POS offers easy payment methods for customers. It has options to pay though credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, cash or credit. This helps customers choose the most convenient payment method for themselves.

When customers can pay through a mode of payment that is convenient for them, it helps the checkout queue go faster and it also results in more completed orders in the long run.

Loyera POS’ wonderful user interface also makes it easy for merchants and retail stores to collate all payments received in one payment log. This helps understand the state of money received or pending from each client.

Issue print and e-receipts

After products ordered at point of sale have been added to the order, the order is mapped to a client, and payment is received, Loyera POS helps sales staff to easily issue a payment receipt to the customer.

These receipts can be issued in print and electronic forms, as per the preference of your store owners, manager and customers.

E-receipts not only help keep the checkout process green, but it also helps make it quick and efficient. This enables customers to keep an e-record of each purchase that they have made with you.

Here are a few BONUS POINTS that make your customer’s checkout more successful and efficient:

Mark bestselling products as favourites

Sales staff can identify products that sell often and mark them as favorites. Such bookmarking of popular products makes it easy for sales staff to find these product while creating an order for a customer who orders them. For such products, sales staff does not have to use filters or search box to add the product to customer’s order. They can simply go to Favorite items and select the ordered product.

This is one feature of Loyera POS that helps a lot in reducing checkout time for customers who purchase these popular items. For example, during rush hours at a coffee shop, people ordering one of the bestselling coffee options will have their order processed more quickly than others.


Park and retrieve products

One other very good feature of Loyera POS software is Parking and Retrieving orders. It often happens that customers wish to go back to selecting more items from the store, while the sales staff is forced to process the order of the next person in the checkout queue. In this case, when the first customer is back, the sales person has to start his/her order from the beginning.

With Loyera POS, sales staff can park an incomplete order in the system, if a customer wishes to add more things or wants to return later, and the staff person can retrieve the order from Loyera POS software when the customer returns to complete their order.


Quickly add missing products

If a product is missing from the POS system of your retail store, then it does not mean that the order cannot be recorded or completed properly by the sales staff. With Loyera POS user interface, staff at point of sale can easily add any product with its details including price, description, vendor, etc. using a short cut on the screen.

This helps sales staff to ensure that all the orders made by all the customers are properly recorded in the system, which helps during inventory audits. Also, this helps map all the orders to individual customers properly, enabling managers to understand customers’ behaviour.

Give discounts at checkout

Staff at point of sale can also give on-the-spot discounts to eligible customers with discount coupons or other privileges. This enables retail stores to create discount offers in the store to sell more and retain and attract customers, without affecting the checkout process.

Merchandisers can add large-scale or umbrella discounts and offers to the system from the admin or merchant panel, while the sales staff can also add individual or one-on-one discounts to the system at point of sale. As staff details are also recorded in the system, managers are always aware of who issued a discount during a transaction.

With such sophisticated and smart checkout features, retail stores are able to sell and complete orders quickly with Loyera POS. This free billing POS software helps reduce checkout time at a store drastically, so that customers are satisfied and willing to complete their orders.

With Loyera, there are reduced chances of customer abandoning their cart in the purchase queue.

Therefore, Product management and Order management features of this free POS software can be explored by retailers to reduce selling or checkout time at their stores.

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