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POS software for Freelance Industry

Freelancers in all industries generally deal with a number of clients from different regions. Often freelancers’ clients return after long gaps and sometimes they have clients who give them ongoing work.

This requires freelancers to keep a proper record of the services delivered to each client from time to time, so that the data collected can be used to understand the requirements of each client.

A POS system can helps freelancers to streamline their sales processing. This helps them organize their data on sales, and even helps freelancers to automatically send e-receipts or invoice when a sale is marked complete.

A POS software for freelancers like Loyera has various features which can be customized, so that freelancers can derive maximum benefit from order processing and analytics features of Loyera. Loyera POS is free to install and set up.

Best POS practices for freelancers

Freelancers work on and off-site and require a customisable POS software which can help them realize the full potential of their time. With a good POS software, freelancers can plan the projects to be completed in the limited time they have, and can take up clients that give them the maximum return for their time and effort.

Here are a few POS practices followed by freelancers:

  1. When processing sales remotely, freelancers prefer to use POS apps that are cloud-based and can be used on their mobile devices.
  2. POS software for freelancers have customizable categories for products and services, so that freelancers can modify the attributes as per their requirements.
  3. Freelancer work management software enable them to issue print and e-invoices to customers.
  4. With a POS software, freelancers can identify the projects that are more beneficial for them and the clients which offer more value.
  5. POS software help freelancers to create marketing messages to send to clients from time to time, to ensure that their calendar is full and hence they can work optimally.

Loyera POS software has various sophisticated features which help implement the above best practices for freelancers. Here’re a few Loyera features that help one realize their business potential:


  1. Addition of all services to the system
  2. Automatic addition of all clients to database
  3. Processing of sale with the help of easy to use interface
  4. Issuing of receipts in print and through email and SMS
  5. Customized product or service categories to ensure that the data collected is meaningful to the freelancer
  6. Analysis of sales data
  7. Parking and retrieving orders of clients who take time to finalize initiation of projects
  8. Quick addition of categories and products at point of sale to process customized orders from clients
  9. Payment option set up to allow payment processing from various modes

Benefits of Loyera for freelancers and customers

Loyera helps freelancers streamline their sales and get meaningful data analysis to take business decisions which give them optimal results and returns.

Freelancers have limited time and resources, and hence they have to choose customers and projects wisely to be able to spend their effort on work which gives them the highest value.

Loyera POS enables freelancers to add customized categories to process sales from anywhere, anytime, using a mobile or desktop app. This freelancer billing software allows processing of all sales data, so that freelancers can critically analyze data to identify their most valuable clients.

Freelancers, during low business or special occasions, can create offers and promotions and send them to their registered clients. This ensures more incoming business for freelancers and enables them to optimally fill their calendar to get the maximum revenue.

Clients of freelancers can install Loyera app on their mobile devices to discover freelancers easily and also track their purchases and loyalty rewards earned.

Loyera apps are designed to benefit both businesses and their clients.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera freelancer POS software is easy and free to install and use. This billing software for freelancers can be used from anywhere, anytime, as it is cloud-based and can be installed even on a mobile phone for use. This means that freelancers can process orders and send invoices even remotely.

Various customized services can be added to Loyera point of sale software for freelancers, so that they can select relevant items while creating someone’s order or invoice. Discounts can also be given to clients at the time of processing a sale.

Loyera Freelancer point of sale software is a great tool to empower freelancers to do business in a professional and analytical way, so that they can get optimal returns. This tool is free to use.

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