Anytime, anywhere access to POS data and system is essential for businesses that are operating globally or wish to have a mobile POS system. This helps businesses create an efficient and integrated sales and management ecosystem.

To achieve mobility and global access to POS systems, businesses can subscribe to cloud-based POS software. Cloud-based systems are cost-effective, safe and scalable.

Here are a few advantages of paid and free billing software that are cloud-based:

Real-time updation of stock and sales data

With cloud-based POS software, as sales staff process sales and inventory managers update sock information, data is updated for all users in real time. This helps all staff members and stakeholders, including owners and investors, to be on the same page. This data can be very useful in maintaining the right amount of stock, selling at the right price, and selling efficiently to customers. Real-time updation of information across departments help make business processes seamless.

Global access to analytics

POS software often offer valuable data about customers and their preferences. Such data should be available to managers at all times to be able to take sound business decisions. Data and analytics can be accessed anywhere, anytime by managers, with the help of cloud-based POS software. Businesses operating from multiple locations or requiring managers to access data remotely prefer using cloud-based software.

Easy product management from any location

Cloud-based POS systems also allow product managers and merchandisers to manage inventory and stock from a remote location. This allows updation of inventory efficiently and effectively to ensure that stores are always optimally stocked with the right merchandise. Owners can also keep a tab on inventory loss, overstocking and under-stocking to ensure that businesses run smoothly and cost-effectively.

Safety from data loss

Data is the most valuable asset for businesses. With local server-based data storage, there are high chances of data being lost or getting into wrong hands. With cloud-based systems, businesses can store important information about products, customers, staff and operations in cloud-based servers, which ensures safety of data against loss. With cloud-based storage, data is stored at various locations, ensuring that businesses never lose their valuable database.

Mobility of POS system

Cloud-based POS systems allow access to data from various stationary and mobile POS devices. This offers flexibility to businesses to choose between installing POS counters or self-ordering kiosks and tablets, as per requirements of their businesses and customers. This helps businesses reduce their checkout time, make order processing easy and efficient, and create a flexible sales environment.

Easy scalability

One great thing about cloud-based POS systems is that businesses have the opportunity to scale their operations and data storage to any amount, easily. Businesses can cost-effectively access additional storage space required to store data that comes with expansion of product offering, business reach and outlets, and staff members. This enables businesses to go global without having to worry about setting up expensive hardware or servers.

With the above advantages, cloud-based POS software like Loyera are being increasingly adopted by businesses across the world. You can easily find paid, freemium and free billing software that operate with cloud-based storage.

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