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Loyalty software for grocery stores

Winning customer loyalty is important for a local grocery store, as most of its business relies on the same set of customers who live in the vicinity, who come there to work or who travel by often. The biggest challenge for grocery stores is their competitors. You have to offer something better than the guy next door to ensure that customers walk back into your grocery store.

It is an imperative to understand what drives loyalty of your customers, and then tap that area to ensure that you get repeat customers with increasing basket sizes.

Loyera is a top loyalty software for grocery stores. It is hardware-independent; which means you do not have to spend on a computer, UPS, CPU, internet connection, etc. to set up your loyalty program. You can just install Loyera Loyalty Software on a mobile device and instantly start enrolling loyal customers.

How to get repeat customers to grocery stores

A repeat customer is likely to spend 67 percent more than a new customer, therefore grocery stores must follow the best practices to keep their customers loyal. As loyal customers not only give more business, but also turn into valuable advocates.

Here are a few activities that you can undertake in your loyalty program:Offer free home delivery

  1. Enable online ordering of goods
  2. Extend discounts and offers to your customers, e.g. if your supplier has introduced 20% off on a crate of eggs for a month and you wish to pass on the benefit to your customers, you can notify your loyal customers about it
  3. Give healthy food options to expand your food basket
  4. Give inexpensive food purchase suggestions to your customers to increase their purchase basket
  5. Give discount on clearance stock
  6. Educate customers about your loyalty program to attract and retain them

Loyera is one of the best grocery store loyalty software solution, which enables small businesses to undertake:
There are many other activities that you can undertake with a good loyalty software for grocery stores.

  1. Hardware-independent installation
  2. Automatic addition of every customer to their loyalty network
  3. Collection and study of customer data to understand what they purchase the most
  4. Feedback collection from customers regarding goods and service
  5. Giving bonus to customers on referring new customers
  6. Giving discounts to loyal customers
  7. Promotion of offers on special occasions
  8. Offering reward points on store brand items or all items

Such features combined with Loyera’s easy-to-use interface allows grocery stores to strengthen their customer base by enlisting their loyalty. Grocery stores can even learn a lot about their customers, products and services through Loyera analytics, to be able to take actions to promote sales exponentially.

Loyalty rewards solutions for grocery stores and shoppers

Loyera Loyalty software is a great solution for every grocer’s loyalty program needs. It is hardware-independent, i.e. Loyera Merchant App can even be installed even on a mobile phone. Just install the app, create your business profile and instantly start adding customers to your loyalty network. It is free to use, and gives access to effective and efficient loyalty program features.

Grocers can track orders from customers, offer discounts and coupons, market promotional offers on various occasions, and keep customers engaged through messages and appreciation. They also receive free data on which customer likes to purchase what, to be able to offer them personalized offers and identify customers who can be motivated to advocate the store locally. It also lets you set up loyalty program for all store branches, so that customers can access reward benefits across all your stores.

Customers can also install Loyera Shopper app to keep a log of their previous purchases, give feedback on good and services, and get updates on offers and promotions at a grocery store. This keeps customers engaged with your grocery store and helps them get maximum value, as often, many customers do not have the time to go out and hunt for a good deal or set of products.

Free Installation and Use of Loyera

Loyera is free to install and use, and since it does not need to be used on a particular device, you can install it on your mobile devices, too. It can be accessed both online and offline, so that you never lose a chance to add a customer to your loyalty network.

It gives you free access to its amazing reward, promotion and data features, so that you can strategically strengthen your loyal customer base and attract new customers, too.

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